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The fastest full-text search, period.

Machsearch is an indexing file search application.

Where IDEs like Visual Studio take seconds to search, Machsearch will take a few dozen milliseconds.

The time and frustration from slow text searching adds up. Machsearch removes all that.

Computers are fast!

Other searches are needlessly slow. Machsearch fully parallelizes the search to complete it with unmatched speed.

Break free from the IDE

This dedicated search tool enables you to search directories without needing to set up a "project" file to search them.

Powerful features

Do the math

At a salary of $120,000 per year, a 2-second search costs you a penny and a half. At that rate, Machsearch pays for itself after around 370 searches. If that sounds like a lot, try counting your searches and see how long it'll take to become worth it.

The deal

Machsearch is free to try for 30 days.

If you find it has saved you time (and therefore money!), please consider buying Machsearch for $5.55.

For this price, you will have your version of Machsearch forever, and free updates for a year from the purchase date.

Your freedom is respected

If you use or purchase Machsearch, you are entitled to the full source code of the software. This means you can make any modifications you desire, provided you also follow Machsearch's license terms.

Machsearch is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3 or later.

Questions and answers

Will this application track me?


Machsearch has zero code for analytics. If you do not use the self-update feature, the application is completely offline.

It absolutely respects your privacy. No data is ever collected from use of the self-update feature. The licensing technology does not utilize the network whatsover.

What am I putting on my computer?

Machsearch is a native executable which is around a dozen megabytes in size. It has only a few dependencies and no heavyweight frameworks.

Machsearch requires no installers or additional downloads to work. Simply extract the archive in your system's file explorer, then double-click the file named "Machsearch".

Your operating system may warn you that the application is untrusted, but this is only because of Machsearch's relative obscurity. The source code is available upon request if you would like to verify its security.

Machsearch is portable, so you can keep the executable on a USB or network drive if you want.

Machsearch does not use any DRM technology. You can freely copy the binary to other computers as desired.

If it is Free Software, why do I have to pay?

The free in Free Software means freedom, not free as in price3. My goal is to be able to sell software in a way I believe is ethical, which necessitates it being free and open source. This does not preclude me from making money off of the software to sustain future development.

Machsearch's source code is freely available upon request. If you build your own version of Machsearch, you are free to redistribute it under the same terms. You may not distribute the source nor binaries under any other license except the GPL v.3 or later.

How is it so fast?

Machsearch uses an index to filter files which may contain your search in a broad phase. This broad phase drastically reduces the number of files that need to be searched in the full-text narrow phase.

The narrow phase is sped up by parallelizing the full-text search over every core on your processor. The results are displayed as soon as the application receives them, which means you can see results within a dozen milliseconds. This speed is impossible in most terminals due to their relatively high overhead.

  1. Any editor with a command-line interface to open files will work. Some editors may not support going to specific locations from the CLI.

  2. Here's some ideas: Easily check out a file with p4 edit, remove a file from Git with git rm, or open a document in your browser with firefox.

  3. Read more about the "Free" in Free Software here.