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I am a professional software engineer in the game industry. Macoy Madson Software is my side business for selling my software.

Contact me at macoy@macoy.me if you have any questions.


I believe software has an understated impact on each of our lives. I think frequently about how my software and the software I use impacts myself and the other people using it. Due to this, I have developed ideas about how my software should exist in order to satisfy my values:


The software I make values the privacy of every user. I will not sell information on users to other entities which could use that data for interests contrary to the user's. Optimally, my software will keep your data private from myself as well, by utilizing technology such as client-side encryption.

Open source

Whenever possible, my software shall be open source. I think the free software movement is one of of the most inspiring positive movements in technology, and has affected my life greatly. I have a commitment to contributing to that movement.

An easy escape

If my services are software-as-a-service based, I will offer an easy way to escape my personal hosting. This involves both easy downloads of your data and useful ways to use that downloaded data. For example, having an open-source server means that you could host your own instance of my service, therefore becoming independent. My value should come from service and continued improvement of said service, not from lock-in or proprietary code.

Note that the above text is not necessarily legally binding. See the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for contracts related to the services provided here.