What have I been up to?

I've moved the blog yet again!

The old Wordpress blog wasn't working out because I didn't like publishing. I wanted the ability to write my posts in Org-mode, which is just so much better than mucking with a non-markup-based editor. I wrote simple-org-blog as my server and content pipeline. It's by no means the first Org-mode-based server.

This time I got my own domain name. It costs me an amazingly low $6 per year. I thought the .me domain would be trustworthy because PayPal now uses it for its paypal.me easy pay links.

I ended up going with Amazon AWS Lightsail, which is affordable ($3.50/month for hosting) and was easy to set up. I really wanted to self-host but my internet situation is such that getting a public, static IP address wasn't really possible.

I made many small projects!

I haven't been working on any game projects at home. Instead, I worked on several miscellaneous things:

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