Make an E-Ink screen show daily info
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Home Life Display


Make a Raspberry Pi E-paper display show info in the morning/evening which I care about:

  • Org agenda

  • Weather conditions for biking to work on the current day

  • Kanji study schedule

The E-paper panel is a Waveshare E-Ink three-color 7.5 inch panel with HAT.


More for my own reference than anyone else, which is why there are some obvious general setup steps specific to Pi, not this project.

Operating System

This section documents a general, minimal, and useful Pi setup.

  • Install Raspbian Lite via NOOBs onto Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

  • Run passwd to change default password

  • sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


sudo raspi-config

  • Enable SSH in Interfacing Options

  • Set localisation options (for me, it means checking en-US and setting timezone to Los Angeles)

  • Set Wifi hostname and password, if necessary

Clone Repository

sudo apt install git
git clone --recurse-submodules

If run with --recurse-submodules as shown, it will automatically get the Waveshare e-Paper code repository.

If you forgot:

cd home-life-display
git submodule init
git submodule update

Third Party Setup


Update: I now use Syncthing to sync.

I use Dropbox to sync my .org files across multiple computers.

Dropbox Python SDK is included as a submodule.

You will need to install it:

cd dropbox-sdk-python
sudo python3 install


Org Parsing

I use Org-mode for my Agenda:

sudo pip3 install orgparse

Download the Ubuntu Font Family (see design page for more info on the font) and extract it:

curl >

For Japanese:

sudo apt-get install fonts-takao

E-paper Setup

Python dependencies
sudo apt install python3-pip libjpeg-dev
sudo pip3 install spidev RPi.GPIO pillow
Install Python API

There was no nor for the e-Paper API, so just symlink them to the same directory instead:

cd home-life-display
ln -s e-Paper/RaspberryPi_JetsonNano/python/lib/waveshare_epd/
ln -s e-Paper/RaspberryPi_JetsonNano/python/lib/waveshare_epd/

If you get failure to import, open the and fix it like so:

import epdconfig
Enable SPI interface
nano /boot/config.txt

Uncomment the line with dtparam=spi=on.

Third Party Documentation

Waveshare Example Code

Left here for reference.

Download E-paper Demo code (direct link) (Github).

For decompressing the Waveshare example code:

sudo apt install p7zip
Install Fonts

For the unmodified demo code, you need to install the Chinese + English font they chose:

sudo apt install ttf-wqy-microhei