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  • Many of these repositories are mirrored from GitHub to satisfy my desire to eventually become independent of it.

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C++ 0 0

Deathcall, a roguelike made for 7 Day Roguelike 2018

Updated 1 year ago

Automatically turn Romaji into Hiragana in an Anki deck

Updated 2 years ago

Python 0 0

My Blender scripts

Updated 3 years ago

Download and browse content you love!

Updated 1 month ago

My tailor-made suite for studying Japanese

Updated 1 year ago

Python 0 0

Convert Google Keep backup to Orgmode files

Updated 11 months ago

Programming language tests

Updated 1 year ago

JavaScript 0 0

A web server for doing quick budgeting

Updated 2 years ago

Hacked together C++ to show how to embed and extend Python 3

Updated 6 years ago

Python 0 0

Determine abbreviations to minimize the typing distance to reach a word in a document.

Updated 2 years ago

Generate base16 color schemes from images

Updated 1 year ago

C++ 0 0

A game library and wrapper around SFML

Updated 1 year ago

Wavefront Object 0 0

My version of bullet3 so I can modify the vehicle code.

Updated 1 year ago

C++ 0 0

A performance-oriented Lisp-like language where I can have my cake, and eat it (too)

Updated 5 days ago

Emacs Lisp 0 0

My Emacs config, and other editor settings

Updated 2 weeks ago