My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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grischka 09808f327f tcc android-enabled (armeabi-v7a) 1 year ago
Makefile Add dwarf support 1 year ago
alloca-bt.S tcc/lib: reduce number of files 2 years ago
alloca.S tcc/lib: reduce number of files 2 years ago
armeabi.c OpenBSD: arm fix 2 years ago
armflush.c Use arm assembler in lib dir 2 years ago
bcheck.c tcc android-enabled (armeabi-v7a) 11 months ago
bt-dll.c Removed __bound_exit_dll from lib/bt-dll.c 1 year ago
bt-exe.c Add extra locking in bound checking code 11 months ago
bt-log.c rework leading underscores 3 years ago
dsohandle.c Define __dso_handle in libtcc1.a 4 years ago
fetch_and_add.S tcc/lib: reduce number of files 2 years ago
lib-arm64.c Fix conversions of subnormals to long double 3 years ago
libtcc1.c Added __faststorefence() MSVC intrinsic (required e.g. by sqlite3). 2 years ago
stdatomic.c Fix make lib/stdatomic.c gcc compatible 2 years ago
tcov.c Fix tcov align and lock 2 years ago
va_list.c Struct va_arg fix 3 years ago