My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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grischka 09808f327f tcc android-enabled (armeabi-v7a) 1 year ago
float.h include/float.h: Define DECIMAL_DIG 1 year ago
stdalign.h add C11 stdalign.h header 4 years ago
stdarg.h stdarg: always have the __builtin_va_* available 3 years ago
stdatomic.h stdatomics: tidy & cleanup 2 years ago
stdbool.h stdbool.h: Make conformant to ISOC99 9 years ago
stddef.h Only define alloca on i386/x86_64 1 year ago
stdnoreturn.h C11 conformance: Add _Noreturn, stdnoreturn.h, and partial _Alignas support 4 years ago
tccdefs.h tcc android-enabled (armeabi-v7a) 11 months ago
tgmath.h Overhauled WIN32 math and added missing functions: 3 years ago
varargs.h win64: use new headers from mingw 14 years ago