My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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Version 0.9.27:
User interface:
- -x[c|a|n] filetype option (Sergey Korshunoff)
- -P[1], -dD, -dM preprocessor options (Sergey Korshunoff)
- -Wl,-(no-)whole-archive linker option (Reuben Thomas)
- -mms-bitfields option (David Mertens)
- -include <file> option (Michael Matz)
- -mno-sse on x86-64 disables use of SSE instructions
- @listfile support (Vlad Vissoultchev)
- tcc -ar/-impdef - formerly tiny_xxx tools integrated (grischka)
- CPATH, C_INCLUDE_PATH and LIBRARY_PATH environment variables support
(Andrew Aladjev, Urs Janssen)
- new AARCH64 (arm64) target (Edmund Grimley Evans)
- vastly improved support for ARM hard float calling convention
(Thomas Preud'homme, Daniel Glöckner)
- provide a runtime library for ARM (Thomas Preud'homme)
- many x86_64 ABI fixes incl. XMM register passing and tests (James Lyon)
- ABI tests with native compiler using libtcc (James Lyon)
- UNICODE startup code supports wmain and wWinMain (YX Hao)
- shared libraries for x86_64 (Michael Matz)
- Bootstrap native Windows 32/64 compiler using Cygwin+gcc (Christian Jullien)
- VLA (variable length array) improved (James Lyon, Pip Cet)
- import functions by ordinal in .def files on windows (YX Hao)
- x86/x86_64 assembler much improved (Michael Matz)
- simple dead code suppression (Edmund Grimley Evans, Michael Matz, grischka)
- implement round/fmin/fmax etc. math on windows (Avi Halachmi)
- #pragma once support (Sergey Korshunoff, Vlad Vissoultchev, ...)
- switch/case code improved (Zdenek Pavlas)
- ~15% faster by TinyAlloc fast memory allocator (Vlad Vissoultchev)
- standard conforming (and GCC compatible) struct initialization
(Michael Matz)
- bit-field layout made compatible with GCC (Michael Matz)
- UTF8 in string literals supported (Zdenek Pavlas)
_ _Generic(...) supported (Matthias Gatto)
- TinyCC partly relicensed to MIT license (See RELICENSING file).
version 0.9.26:
User interface:
- -MD/-MF (automatically generate dependencies for make)
- -pthread option (same as -D_REENTRANT -lpthread) (Henry Kroll III)
- -m32/-m64 to re-exec cross compiler (Henry Kroll III)
- -Wl, Mimic all GNU -option forms supported by ld (Kirill Smelkov)
- new LIBTCCAPI tcc_set_options() (grischka)
- Many improvements for x86-64 target (Shinichiro Hamaji, Michael Matz, grischka)
- x86-64 assembler (Frederic Feret)
- Many improvements for ARM target (Daniel Glöckner, Thomas Preud'homme)
- Support WinCE PE ARM (Timo VJ Lahde)
- Support ARM hardfloat calling convention (Thomas Preud'homme)
- Support SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) (Henry Kroll III)
- Support Debian GNU/kFreeBSD kernels (Pierre Chifflier)
- Support GNU/Hurd kernels (Thomas Preud'homme)
- Support OSX (tcc -run only) (Milutin Jovanovic)
- Support multiarch configuration (Thomas Preud'homme)
- Support out-of-tree build (Akim Demaille)
- C99 variable length arrays (Thomas Preud'homme & Joe Soroka)
- Asm labels for variables and functions (Thomas Preud'homme)
- STT_GNU_IFUNC (Indirect functions as externals) (Thomas Preud'homme)
- More tests (tests2) (Milutin Jovanovic)
version 0.9.25:
- first support for x86-64 target (Shinichiro Hamaji)
- support µClibc
- split tcc.c into tcc.h libtcc.c tccpp.c tccgen.c tcc.c
- improved preprocess output with linenumbers and spaces preserved
- tcc_relocate now copies code into user buffer
- fix bitfields with non-int types and in unions
- improve ARM cross-compiling (Daniel Glöckner)
- link stabstr sections from multiple objects
- better (still limited) support for multiple TCCStates
version 0.9.24:
- added verbosity levels -v, -vv, -vvv
- Accept standard input as an inputstream (Hanzac Chen)
- Support c89 compilers other than gcc (Hanzac Chen)
- -soname linker option (Marc Andre Tanner)
- Just warn about unknown directives, ignore quotes in #error/#warning
- Define __STDC_VERSION__=199901L (477)
- Switch to newer tccpe.c (includes support for resources)
- Handle backslashes within #include/#error/#warning
- Import changesets (part 4) 428,457,460,467: defines for openbsd etc.
- Use _WIN32 for a windows hosted tcc and define it for the PE target,
otherwise define __unix / __linux (Detlef Riekenberg)
- Import changesets (part 3) 409,410: ARM EABI by Daniel Glöckner
- Some in-between fixes:
TCC -E no longer hangs with macro calls involving newlines.
(next_nomacro1 now advances the read-pointer with TOK_LINEFEED)
Global cast (int g_i = 1LL;) no longer crashes tcc.
(nocode_wanted is initially 1, and only 0 for gen_function)
On win32 now tcc.exe finds 'include' & 'lib' even if itself is in 'bin'.
(new function w32_tcc_lib_path removes 'bin' if detected)
Added quick build batch file for mingw (win32/build-tcc.bat)
Last added case label optimization (455) produced wrong code. Reverted.
- Import more changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 2):
487: Handle long long constants in gen_opic() (Rob Landley)
484: Handle parentheses within __attribute__((...)) (Rob Landley)
480: Remove a goto in decl_initializer_alloc (Rob Landley)
475: Fix dereferences in inline assembly output (Joshua Phillips)
474: Cast ptrs to ints of different sizes correctly (Joshua Phillips)
473: Fix size of structs with empty array member (Joshua Phillips)
470: No warning for && and || with mixed pointers/integers (Rob Landley)
469: Fix symbol visibility problems in the linker (Vincent Pit)
468: Allow && and || involving pointer arguments (Rob Landley)
455: Optimize case labels with no code in between (Zdenek Pavlas)
450: Implement alloca for x86 (grischka)
415: Parse unicode escape sequences (Axel Liljencrantz)
407: Add a simple va_copy() in stdarg.h (Hasso Tepper)
400: Allow typedef names as symbols (Dave Dodge)
- Import some changesets from Rob Landley's fork (part 1):
462: Use LGPL with bcheck.c and il-gen.c
458: Fix global compound literals (in unary: case '&':) (Andrew Johnson)
456: Use return code from tcc_output_file in main() (Michael Somos)
442: Fix indirections with function pointers (***fn)() (grischka)
441: Fix LL left shift in libtcc1.c:__shldi3 (grischka)
440: Pass structures and function ptrs through ?: (grischka)
439: Keep rvalue in bit assignment (bit2 = bit1 = x) (grischka)
438: Degrade nonportable pointer assignment to warning (grischka)
437: Call 'saveregs()' before jumping with logical and/or/not (grischka)
435: Put local static variables into global memory (grischka)
432/434: Cast double and ptr to bool (grischka)
420: Zero pad x87 tenbyte long doubles (Felix Nawothnig)
417: Make 'sizeof' unsigned (Rob Landley)
397: Fix save_reg for longlongs (Daniel Glöckner)
396: Fix "invalid relocation entry" problem on ubuntu - (Bernhard Fischer)
- ignore AS_NEEDED ld command
- mark executable sections as executable when running in memory
- added support for win32 wchar_t (Filip Navara)
- segment override prefix support (Filip Navara)
- normalized slashes in paths (Filip Navara)
- windows style fastcall (Filip Navara)
- support for empty input register section in asm (Filip Navara)
- anonymous union/struct support (Filip Navara)
- fixed parsing of function parameters
- workaround for function pointers in conditional expressions (Dave Dodge)
- initial '-E' option support to use the C preprocessor alone
- discard type qualifiers when comparing function parameters (Dave Dodge)
- Bug fix: A long long value used as a test expression ignores the
upper 32 bits at runtime (Dave Dodge)
- fixed multiple concatenation of PPNUM tokens (initial patch by Dave Dodge)
- fixed multiple typedef specifiers handling
- fixed sign extension in some type conversions (Dave Dodge)
version 0.9.23:
- initial PE executable format for windows version (grischka)
- '#pragma pack' support (grischka)
- '#include_next' support (Bernhard Fischer)
- ignore '-pipe' option
- added -f[no-]leading-underscore
- preprocessor function macro parsing fix (grischka)
version 0.9.22:
- simple memory optimisations: kernel compilation is 30% faster
- linker symbol definitions fixes
- gcc 3.4 fixes
- fixed value stack full error
- 'packed' attribute support for variables and structure fields
- ignore 'const' and 'volatile' in function prototypes
- allow '_Bool' in bit fields
version 0.9.21:
- ARM target support (Daniel Glöckner)
- added '-funsigned-char, '-fsigned-char' and
- fixed assignment of const struct in struct
- line comment fix (reported by Bertram Felgenhauer)
- initial TMS320C67xx target support (TK)
- win32 configure
- regparm() attribute
- many built-in assembler fixes
- added '.org', '.fill' and '.previous' assembler directives
- '-fno-common' option
- '-Ttext' linker option
- section alignment fixes
- bit fields fixes
- do not generate code for unused inline functions
- '-oformat' linker option.
- added 'binary' output format.
version 0.9.20:
- added '-w' option
- added '.gnu.linkonce' ELF sections support
- fixed libc linking when running in memory (avoid 'stat' function
- extended '-run' option to be able to give several arguments to a C
version 0.9.19:
- "alacarte" linking (Dave Long)
- simpler function call
- more strict type checks
- added 'const' and 'volatile' support and associated warnings
- added -Werror, -Wunsupported, -Wwrite-strings, -Wall.
- added __builtin_types_compatible_p() and __builtin_constant_p()
- chars support in assembler (Dave Long)
- .string, .globl, .section, .text, .data and .bss asm directive
support (Dave Long)
- man page generated from tcc-doc.texi
- fixed macro argument substitution
- fixed zero argument macro parsing
- changed license to LGPL
- added -rdynamic option support
version 0.9.18:
- header fix (time.h)
- fixed inline asm without operand case
- fixed 'default:' or 'case x:' with '}' after (incorrect C construct accepted
by gcc)
- added 'A' inline asm constraint.
version 0.9.17:
- PLT generation fix
- tcc doc fixes (Peter Lund)
- struct parse fix (signaled by Pedro A. Aranda Gutierrez)
- better _Bool lvalue support (signaled by Alex Measday)
- function parameters must be converted to pointers (signaled by Neil Brown)
- sanitized string and character constant parsing
- fixed comment parse (signaled by Damian M Gryski)
- fixed macro function bug (signaled by Philippe Ribet)
- added configure (initial patch by Mitchell N Charity)
- added '-run' and '-v' options (initial patch by vlindos)
- added real date report in __DATE__ and __TIME__ macros
version 0.9.16:
- added assembler language support
- added GCC inline asm() support
- fixed multiple variable definitions : uninitialized variables are
created as COMMON symbols.
- optimized macro processing
- added GCC statement expressions support
- added GCC local labels support
- fixed array declaration in old style function parameters
- support casts in static structure initializations
- added various __xxx[__] keywords for GCC compatibility
- ignore __extension__ GCC in an expression or in a type (still not perfect)
- added '? :' GCC extension support
version 0.9.15:
- compilation fixes for glibc 2.2, gcc 2.95.3 and gcc 3.2.
- FreeBSD compile fixes. Makefile patches still missing (Carl Drougge).
- fixed file type guessing if '.' is in the path.
- fixed tcc_compile_string()
- add a dummy page in ELF files to fix RX/RW accesses (pageexec at
freemail dot hu).
version 0.9.14:
- added #warning. error message if invalid preprocessing directive.
- added CType structure to ease typing (faster parse).
- suppressed secondary hash tables (faster parse).
- rewrote parser by optimizing common cases (faster parse).
- fixed signed long long comparisons.
- fixed 'int a(), b();' declaration case.
- fixed structure init without '{}'.
- correct alignment support in structures.
- empty structures support.
- gcc testsuite now supported.
- output only warning if implicit integer/pointer conversions.
- added static bitfield init.
version 0.9.13:
- correct preprocessing token pasting (## operator) in all cases (added
preprocessing number token).
- fixed long long register spill.
- fixed signed long long '>>'.
- removed memory leaks.
- better error handling : processing can continue on link errors. A
custom callback can be added to display error messages. Most
errors do not call exit() now.
- ignore -O, -W, -m and -f options
- added old style function declarations
- added GCC __alignof__ support.
- added GCC typeof support.
- added GCC computed gotos support.
- added stack backtrace in runtime error message. Improved runtime
error position display.
version 0.9.12:
- more fixes for || and && handling.
- improved '? :' type handling.
- fixed bound checking generation with structures
- force '#endif' to be in same file as matching '#if'
- #include file optimization with '#ifndef #endif' construct detection
- macro handling optimization
- added tcc_relocate() and tcc_get_symbol() in libtcc.
version 0.9.11:
- stdarg.h fix for double type (thanks to Philippe Ribet).
- correct white space characters and added MSDOS newline support.
- fixed invalid implicit function call type declaration.
- special macros such as __LINE__ are defined if tested with defined().
- fixed '!' operator with relocated address.
- added symbol + offset relocation (fixes some static variable initializers)
- '-l' option can be specified anywhere. '-c' option yields default
output name. added '-r' option for relocatable output.
- fixed '\nnn' octal parsing.
- fixed local extern variables declarations.
version 0.9.10:
- fixed lvalue type when saved in local stack.
- fixed '#include' syntax when using macros.
- fixed '#line' bug.
- removed size limit on strings. Unified string constants handling
with variable declarations.
- added correct support for '\xX' in wchar_t strings.
- added support for bound checking in generated executables
- fixed -I include order.
- fixed incorrect function displayed in runtime error.
version 0.9.9:
- fixed preprocessor expression parsing for #if/#elif.
- relocated debug info (.stab section).
- relocated bounds info (.bounds section).
- fixed cast to char of char constants ('\377' is -1 instead of 255)
- fixed implicit cast for unary plus.
- strings and '__func__' have now 'char[]' type instead of 'char *'
(fixes sizeof() return value).
- added __start_xxx and __stop_xxx symbols in linker.
- better DLL creation support (option -shared begins to work).
- ELF sections and hash tables are resized dynamically.
- executables and DLLs are stripped by default.
version 0.9.8:
- First version of full ELF linking support (generate objects, static
executable, dynamic executable, dynamic libraries). Dynamic library
support is not finished (need PIC support in compiler and some
patches in symbol exporting).
- First version of ELF loader for object (.o) and archive (.a) files.
- Support of simple GNU ld scripts (GROUP and FILE commands)
- Separated runtime library and bound check code from TCC (smaller
compiler core).
- fixed register reload in float compare.
- fixed implicit char/short to int casting.
- allow array type for address of ('&') operator.
- fixed unused || or && result.
- added GCC style variadic macro support.
- optimized bound checking code for array access.
- tcc includes are now in $(prefix)/lib/tcc/include.
- more command line options - more consistent handling of multiple
input files.
- added tcc man page (thanks to Cyril Bouthors).
- uClibc Makefile update
- converted documentation to texinfo format.
- added developper's guide in documentation.
version 0.9.7:
- added library API for easy dynamic compilation (see libtcc.h - first
- fixed long long register spill bug.
- fixed '? :' register spill bug.
version 0.9.6:
- added floating point constant propagation (fixes negative floating
point constants bug).
version 0.9.5:
- uClibc patches (submitted by Alfonso Martone).
- error reporting fix
- added CONFIG_TCC_BCHECK to get smaller code if needed.
version 0.9.4:
- windows port (currently cannot use -g, -b and dll functions).
- faster and simpler I/O handling.
- '-D' option works in all cases.
- preprocessor fixes (#elif and empty macro args)
- floating point fixes
- first code for CIL generation (does not work yet)
version 0.9.3:
- better and smaller code generator.
- full ISOC99 64 bit 'long long' support.
- full 32 bit 'float', 64 bit 'double' and 96 bit 'long double' support.
- added '-U' option.
- added assembly sections support.
- even faster startup time by mmaping sections instead of mallocing them.
- added GNUC __attribute__ keyword support (currently supports
'section' and 'aligned' attributes).
- added ELF file output (only usable for debugging now)
- added debug symbol generation (STAB format).
- added integrated runtime error analysis ('-g' option: print clear
run time error messages instead of "Segmentation fault").
- added first version of tiny memory and bound checker ('-b' option).
version 0.9.2:
- even faster parsing.
- various syntax parsing fixes.
- fixed external relocation handling for variables or functions pointers.
- better function pointers type handling.
- can compile multiple files (-i option).
- ANSI C bit fields are supported.
- beginning of float/double/long double support.
- beginning of long long support.
version 0.9.1:
- full ISOC99 initializers handling.
- compound literals.
- structures handle in assignments and as function param or return value.
- wide chars and strings.
- macro bug fix
version 0.9:
- initial version.