My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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The following software are known to use or support tcc builds.
Feel free to complete this list (*).
Name Short Description
---- -----------------
bigz An infinite precision Z & Q library.
gawk GNU awk.
gmp Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic.
gnumake GNU makefile.
mpfr Multiple-precision floating-point library.
mpc Complex floating-point library with exact rounding.
mpv A free, open source, and cross-platform media player.
openlisp ISLISP ISO/IEC 13816 Lisp interpreter and compiler.
s-nail BSD Mail/POSIX mailx: send and receive Internet mail.
sqlite Embbedable SQL engine.
st Simple Terminal.
tcc Tiny CC which compiles itself.
zlib Lossless data-compression library.
(*) This list is ordered by name.