My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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TODO list:
- i386 fastcall is mostly wrong
- FPU st(0) is left unclean (kwisatz haderach). Incompatible with
optimized gcc/msc code
- see transparent union pb in /urs/include/sys/socket.h
- precise behaviour of typeof with arrays ? (__put_user macro)
but should suffice for most cases)
- handle '? x, y : z' in unsized variable initialization (',' is
considered incorrectly as separator in preparser)
- transform functions to function pointers in function parameters
- fix function pointer type display
- check section alignment in C
- fix invalid cast in comparison 'if (v == (int8_t)v)'
- finish varargs.h support (gcc 3.2 testsuite issue)
- fix static functions declared inside block
- fix multiple unions init
- make libtcc fully reentrant (except for the compilation stage itself).
- struct/union/enum definitions in nested scopes (see also Debian bug #770657)
- __STDC_IEC_559__: float f(void) { static float x = 0.0 / 0.0; return x; }
- memory may be leaked after errors (longjmp).
- it is assumed that int is 32-bit and sizeof(int) == 4
- int is used when host or target size_t would make more sense
- TCC handles target floating-point (fp) values using the host's fp
arithmetic, which is simple and fast but may lead to exceptions
and inaccuracy and wrong representations when cross-compiling
- static linking (-static) does not work
Bound checking:
- fix bound exit on RedHat 7.3
- setjmp is not supported properly in bound checking.
- fix bound check code with '&' on local variables (currently done
only for local arrays).
- bound checking and float/long long/struct copy code. bound
checking and symbol + offset optimization
Missing features:
- disable-asm and disable-bcheck options
- __builtin_expect()
- atexit (Nigel Horne)
- C99: add complex types (gcc 3.2 testsuite issue)
- postfix compound literals (see 20010124-1.c)
- interactive mode / integrated debugger
- suppress specific anonymous symbol handling
- more parse optimizations (=even faster compilation)
- memory alloc optimizations (=even faster compilation)
- optimize VT_LOCAL + const
- better local variables handling (needed for other targets)
Not critical:
- C99: fix multiple compound literals inits in blocks (ISOC99
normative example - only relevant when using gotos! -> must add
boolean variable to tell if compound literal was already
- add PowerPC generator and improve codegen for RISC (need
to suppress VT_LOCAL and use a base register instead).
- fix preprocessor symbol redefinition
- add portable byte code generator and interpreter for other
unsupported architectures.
- C++: variable declaration in for, minimal 'class' support.
- win32: __intxx. use resolve for bchecked malloc et al.
check exception code (exception filter func).
- handle void (__attribute__() *ptr)()
- VLAs are implemented in a way that is not compatible with signals:
Fixed (probably):
- bug with defines:
#define spin_lock(lock) do { } while (0)
#define wq_spin_lock spin_lock
#define TEST() wq_spin_lock(a)
- typedefs can be structure fields
- see bugfixes.diff + improvement.diff from Daniel Glockner
- long long constant evaluation
- add alloca()
- gcc '-E' option.
- #include_next support for /usr/include/limits ?
- function pointers/lvalues in ? : (linux kernel net/core/dev.c)
- win32: add __stdcall, check GetModuleHandle for dlls.
- macro substitution with nested definitions (ShangHongzhang)
- with "-run" and libtcc, a PLT is now built.
- '-E' option was improved
- packed attribute is now supported
- ARM and ARM64 code generators have been added.