My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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22 years ago
#ifndef LIBTCC_H
#define LIBTCC_H
# define LIBTCCAPI
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
22 years ago
struct TCCState;
typedef struct TCCState TCCState;
typedef void (*TCCErrorFunc)(void *opaque, const char *msg);
#ifndef _OFF_T_DEFINED
#define _OFF_T_DEFINED
#ifndef _OFF_T_
#define _OFF_T_
typedef long _off_t;
#ifndef _SIZE_T_
#define _SIZE_T_
typedef unsigned long size_t;
#if !defined(NO_OLDNAMES) || defined(_POSIX)
typedef long off_t;
struct vio_module_t;
typedef struct vio_fd {
int fd;
void *vio_udata;
struct vio_module_t *vio_module;
} vio_fd;
#define CALL_VIO_OPEN_FIRST 0x01
#define CALL_VIO_OPEN_LAST 0x02
typedef struct vio_module_t {
void *user_data;
struct TCCState *S;
int call_vio_open_flags; /*CALL_VIO_OPEN_FIRST, CALL_VIO_OPEN_LAST, one or both */
int (*vio_open)(vio_fd *fd, const char *fn, int oflag) ;
off_t (*vio_lseek)(vio_fd fd, off_t offset, int whence);
size_t (*vio_read)(vio_fd fd, void *buf, size_t bytes);
int (*vio_close)(vio_fd *fd);
} vio_module_t;
22 years ago
/* create a new TCC compilation context */
LIBTCCAPI TCCState *tcc_new(void);
22 years ago
/* free a TCC compilation context */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_delete(TCCState *S);
22 years ago
/* set CONFIG_TCCDIR at runtime */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_set_lib_path(TCCState *S, const char *path);
22 years ago
/* set error/warning display callback */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_set_error_func(TCCState *S, void *error_opaque, TCCErrorFunc error_func);
/* return error/warning callback */
LIBTCCAPI TCCErrorFunc tcc_get_error_func(TCCState *S);
/* return error/warning callback opaque pointer */
LIBTCCAPI void *tcc_get_error_opaque(TCCState *S);
/* set options as from command line (multiple supported) */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_set_options(TCCState *S, const char *str);
/* set virtual io module */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_set_vio_module(TCCState *S, vio_module_t *vio_module);
22 years ago
/* preprocessor */
/* add include path */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_add_include_path(TCCState *S, const char *pathname);
22 years ago
/* add in system include path */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_add_sysinclude_path(TCCState *S, const char *pathname);
/* define preprocessor symbol 'sym'. value can be NULL, sym can be "sym=val" */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_define_symbol(TCCState *S, const char *sym, const char *value);
22 years ago
/* undefine preprocess symbol 'sym' */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_undefine_symbol(TCCState *S, const char *sym);
22 years ago
/* compiling */
/* add a file (C file, dll, object, library, ld script). Return -1 if error. */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_add_file(TCCState *S, const char *filename);
22 years ago
/* compile a string containing a C source. Return -1 if error. */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_compile_string(TCCState *S, const char *buf);
22 years ago
/* linking commands */
/* set output type. MUST BE CALLED before any compilation */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_set_output_type(TCCState *S, int output_type);
#define TCC_OUTPUT_MEMORY 1 /* output will be run in memory (default) */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_EXE 2 /* executable file */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_DLL 3 /* dynamic library */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_OBJ 4 /* object file */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_PREPROCESS 5 /* only preprocess (used internally) */
22 years ago
/* equivalent to -Lpath option */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_add_library_path(TCCState *S, const char *pathname);
22 years ago
22 years ago
/* the library name is the same as the argument of the '-l' option */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_add_library(TCCState *S, const char *libraryname);
22 years ago
/* add a symbol to the compiled program */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_add_symbol(TCCState *S, const char *name, const void *val);
22 years ago
/* output an executable, library or object file. DO NOT call
tcc_relocate() before. */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_output_file(TCCState *S, const char *filename);
22 years ago
/* link and run main() function and return its value. DO NOT call
tcc_relocate() before. */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_run(TCCState *S, int argc, char **argv);
22 years ago
/* do all relocations (needed before using tcc_get_symbol()) */
LIBTCCAPI int tcc_relocate(TCCState *S, void *ptr);
/* possible values for 'ptr':
- TCC_RELOCATE_AUTO : Allocate and manage memory internally
- NULL : return required memory size for the step below
- memory address : copy code to memory passed by the caller
returns -1 if error. */
#define TCC_RELOCATE_AUTO (void*)1
/* return symbol value or NULL if not found */
LIBTCCAPI void *tcc_get_symbol(TCCState *S, const char *name);
/* return symbol value or NULL if not found */
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_list_symbols(TCCState *S, void *ctx,
void (*symbol_cb)(void *ctx, const char *name, const void *val));
typedef int (*tcc_cmpfun)(const void *, const void *, void *);
LIBTCCAPI void tcc_qsort_s(void *base, size_t nel, size_t width, tcc_cmpfun cmp, void *ctx);
enum { /*need better names for some of then*/
TCC_OPTION_d_4 = 4,
TCC_OPTION_d_t = 16,
TCC_OPTION_d_32 = 32,
#ifdef __cplusplus
22 years ago