My fork of the Tiny C Compiler, designed to support self-modifying and hot-reloading applications
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22 years ago
#ifndef LIBTCC_H
#define LIBTCC_H
struct TCCState;
typedef struct TCCState TCCState;
/* create a new TCC compilation context */
TCCState *tcc_new(void);
/* free a TCC compilation context */
void tcc_delete(TCCState *s);
/* add debug information in the generated code */
void tcc_enable_debug(TCCState *s);
/* preprocessor */
/* add include path */
int tcc_add_include_path(TCCState *s, const char *pathname);
/* add in system include path */
int tcc_add_sysinclude_path(TCCState *s, const char *pathname);
22 years ago
/* define preprocessor symbol 'sym'. Can put optional value */
void tcc_define_symbol(TCCState *s, const char *sym, const char *value);
/* undefine preprocess symbol 'sym' */
void tcc_undefine_symbol(TCCState *s, const char *sym);
/* compiling */
22 years ago
/* add a file (either a C file, dll, an object, a library or an ld
script */
void tcc_add_file(TCCState *s, const char *filename);
22 years ago
22 years ago
/* compile a string containing a C source. Return non zero if
error. */
22 years ago
int tcc_compile_string(TCCState *s, const char *buf);
/* get last error */
int tcc_get_error(TCCState *s, char *buf, int buf_size);
/* linking commands */
/* set output type. MUST BE CALLED before any compilation */
22 years ago
#define TCC_OUTPUT_MEMORY 0 /* output will be ran in memory (no
output file) (default) */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_EXE 1 /* executable file */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_DLL 2 /* dynamic library */
#define TCC_OUTPUT_OBJ 3 /* object file */
int tcc_set_output_type(TCCState *s, int output_type);
22 years ago
22 years ago
/* equivalent to -Lpath option */
int tcc_add_library_path(TCCState *s, const char *pathname);
22 years ago
22 years ago
/* the library name is the same as the argument of the '-l' option */
int tcc_add_library(TCCState *s, const char *libraryname);
/* add a symbol to the compiled program */
int tcc_add_symbol(TCCState *s, const char *name, unsigned long val);
22 years ago
/* output an executable file */
22 years ago
int tcc_output_file(TCCState *s, const char *filename);
22 years ago
/* link and run main() function and return its value */
int tcc_run(TCCState *s, int argc, char **argv);