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@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ This is a 3D vehicle game prototype inspired by the gameplay and feel of the dun
** Videos
Progress videos, newest to oldest:
- [[][Development tools]], featuring [[][dear ImGui]] integration
- [[][Split-screen and better "AI"]] (the top screen is the AI follower)
- [[][First "AI" driver]]. WIP Procedural terrain can be seen in the far background
- [[][Drivetrain and engine audio]]
@ -33,7 +34,15 @@ You will also need [[][Blender 2.8]] to build t
If you have a system install of Blender which is ~<2.8~, you need to add ~sBLENDER=/path/to/blender2.8~ to and ~jam~ invocations.
*** Build dependencies
Spargus uses several libraries.
Spargus uses several libraries:
- *Bullet 3*: Physics, raycast vehicle
- *SFML*: 2D graphics, debug 3D graphics, audio, input, window
- *Horde3D*: 3D graphics
- *dear ImGui*: Debug GUI/editors
- *glm*: Math
- *tinyobjloader*: .obj loading, for collision meshes
- *tracy*: Profiling
Currently, SFML relies on system installs for its dependencies: