Server-side management of photos. Intended to replace Google Photos
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Phone Photo Manager

Server-side management of photos. Intended to replace the core functionality of Google Photos:

  • Delete oldest files once phone Photos folder reaches a configurable size

  • Make sure photos are in server-side archive before removing from phone

  • Browse archived photos from any computer

  • Keep photo on phone explicitly (regardless of file age)


I'm using Syncthing to get files to/from my phone's Photo folder. The network looks like this:

Device Folder Purpose
Phone Photos New photos saved here by the camera. Sync both ways so that servers can remove photos easily
Amazon Server Photos Direct sync with Phone Photos. Pi Server controls which photos are on phone by changing this folder
Archive Photos folder is synced via rsync to the archive
Home Pi Photos Redundant Photos sync (all devices sync to each other)
Archive Redundant Archive. Phone can download from Pi or Amazon servers
Cold Storage Because Amazon is limited in space, only keep the full collection of photos on the Pi. Nothing is ever removed from Cold Storage


You will need to set up Syncthing (or some other file sync service) to suit your requirements.

I use rsync -a to sync Photos with Archive and Archive with Cold Storage. The former is on a cronjob every 30 minutes or so, and the latter is a job which should run every couple hours. Cleanup (reclaiming storage on phone and limited-space server) will happen every morning at 4 AM.