A simple starter project for Ogre 2
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# Note that this will rebuild and re-link every time. You should use a build system to save time!
# Compile
clang++ -c main.cpp -g -D_DEBUG -IDependencies/ogre-next/OgreMain/include \
-IDependencies/ogre-next/Components/Hlms/Common/include \
-IDependencies/ogre-next/Components/Hlms/Pbs/include \
-IDependencies/ogre-next/Components/Hlms/Unlit/include \
-IDependencies/ogre-next/build/Debug/include \
# Link
clang++ -o ogreApp main.o -g -LDependencies/ogre-next/build/Debug/lib \
-lOgreHlmsPbs_d -lOgreHlmsUnlit_d -lOgreMain_d -lOgreOverlay_d \