100 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Macoy Madson 7229f59adc Added interface to raster only one shape 4 months ago
Macoy Madson ae22b51cde Add copyright to source files 4 months ago
0vercl0k 402437f68a Fix OOB in nsvg__parseUrl. 6 months ago
Albrecht Schlosser d2002eeaf2 Make nsvg__parseColorRGB() independent of the current locale (#139) 7 months ago
Albrecht Schlosser c73393fc7a Fix newline at end of file, add comments 7 months ago
tamasmeszaros 47f28a2a78 Fix build when both nanosvg.h and nanosvgrast.h is included 8 months ago
Christopher Chavez 6c8ee8211a Avoid calling qsort() when r->nedges == 0 9 months ago
tamasmeszaros b21ebe01b8 Add CMake build script to the project 9 months ago
Christopher Chavez c7f173b71b Avoid signed integer overflow in nsvg__RGBA() 9 months ago
Ryan P. Wilson a5486fa30d roundf instead of round 10 months ago
Ryan P. Wilson c3ad36ef81 Fixed rbg percentage parsing in nsvg__parseColorRGB 10 months ago
Greg Ercolano 419782d3d1 Fix decimal values in color fields (nsvg__parseColorRGB) 1 year ago
Harald Oehlmann 44e5e4c765 Fix for ticket #179 "division by 0" proposed by SergeySlice 2 years ago
fvogelnew1 45eb9f8bcc
Update nanosvg.h 2 years ago
Mikko Mononen ddd39e9669 Fix for #185 2 years ago
Mikko Mononen e7f5981b1e Fix for #178 2 years ago
Harald Oehlmann dac455fd94 Ticket #178: endless loop (DOS) when parsing crafted input via nsvgParseFromFile() 2 years ago
Jonathan Zrake dc46f954b6 Fix parsing of numbers with units ex and em 4 years ago
darealshinji 8c360e4214
don't cast long long -> double -> long long 4 years ago
wcout 78e7627d10 Fix issue #139: Nano SVG is still locale dependent 4 years ago
Bernhard Liebl 773d84acaf Add option for cpp symbol export 5 years ago
Caleb Jones d6eabf29c9 Parse <svg> percentage width for automatic sizing 5 years ago
Martin Lindhe 19bf258060 type fix: change nsvg__parseLineJoin() default value to NSVG_JOIN_MITER 5 years ago
Mikko Mononen 47697e1414 Fixed how sign is applied for fractions 6 years ago
Mikko Mononen 9b51689812 Fix for issue #90 - use custom strong to float conversion 6 years ago
X-Ryl669 17aa37f0c4 Fix for gradient transformation when scaling is used 6 years ago
X-Ryl669 7a9b4005c0 Fix for wrong computation in ArcTo function 6 years ago
djack1010 a53bdc7512 Revert wrong comment 6 years ago
djack1010 41dcaefdd0 Applied requested changes 6 years ago
djack1010 fe14c0386c Ignore malformed attributes in XML 6 years ago
djack1010 4310325aba Check buffer length in parseCoordinateRaw 6 years ago
daniel-starke 096f60a5c5 Changed reverse shape list to tail cached variant 6 years ago
lieff c28363f9fb coding style 6 years ago
daniel-starke 3f40cbc53e Fixed reverse shape list implementation 6 years ago
lieff 64c8b0c00c fix shapes order 6 years ago
daniel-starke c4a603c20e Fixed GCC warnings 6 years ago
tpechot f76c596d8a add new shapes to the head due to performance, reverse list of shapes later 6 years ago
Mark Tyberg 2f132b7ad8 addded support for stroke-miterlimit 6 years ago
Erick Fuentes 7742da24b0 Fixed typo and added variable types 7 years ago
Alessandro Roncone 3d8f8485f2 Added nsvgDuplicatePath . Also, fixed some minor typos into the tutorial. Ref #62 7 years ago
Dean McNamee a2cab64022 Fix minor typo in credit comment (Anti-Graim -> Anti-Grain). 7 years ago
Dean McNamee b021682f5a Fix relative T/t path commands. Typo from S/s command. 7 years ago
Nigel Stewart a5be2ffa50 Resolve release-mode gcc compilation warning: fread return value ignored 7 years ago
Mikko Mononen dc75508682 Implemented dashed stroke rendering 7 years ago
Mikko Mononen 7efce85328 Better support for coordinates, fixes local space percentage gradients 7 years ago
Olivier Galibert d023064305 Fix the visibility attribute parsing, keep the information in the 7 years ago
jry2 b3dc3e6543 Fixed VC2015 RC warnings. 8 years ago
Mikko Mononen cd0841b54a Make div255 to compile on gcc 8 years ago
Christoph Neuhauser 8d51b88261 Fix for "nsvg__scanlineSolid" 8 years ago
Mikko Mononen 5966d6e77a Handle fill rule properly 8 years ago