A Rush Hour game made with Cakelisp
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# Note that we everything build relative to GameLib, because GameLib isn't relocatable yet
cd Dependencies/gamelib
# Rather than using the large slow script, write our own which is leaner
# This is risky if GameLib changes how it needs to be built, but we're locked in a version anyways
# cd Dependencies/gamelib && ./Build_Debug.sh || exit $?
# cd Dependencies/gamelib && ./Build_FromKitty.sh || exit $?
# Build Cakelisp itself
echo "\n\nCakelisp\n\n"
cd Dependencies/cakelisp
./Build.sh || exit $?
cd ../..
# echo "\n\nAuto Test (Math only)\n\n"
# ./Dependencies/cakelisp/bin/cakelisp --execute test/src/Config_Linux.cake src/AutoTest.cake src/Math.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nAuto Test\n\n"
./Dependencies/cakelisp/bin/cakelisp test/src/Config_Linux.cake src/AutoTest.cake src/SDL.cake src/Math.cake src/Aubio.cake || exit $?
# ./Dependencies/cakelisp/bin/cakelisp test/src/Config_Linux.cake src/AutoTest.cake src/SDL.cake src/Tracy.cake src/Math.cake src/Aubio.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nKitty Gridlock\n\n"
# After relocation, this will be able to be simply .
# These both happen by Main.cake as a pre-build step, but you can do it manually here
# Uncomment to generate data/puzzles.txt
# $CAKELISP --execute $KITTY_DIR/src/Decompression.cake || exit $?
# Uncomment to generate data/puzzles.bin
# $CAKELISP --execute $KITTY_DIR/src/PuzzleIO.cake || exit $?
$CAKELISP --execute $KITTY_DIR/src/Main.cake || exit $?