(OLD) A game focused on procedural generation that cares less about geography and more about intelligent and fun AIs.
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Interested in working on a project with me? I recently started Horizon, a game intended to procedurally generate interesting agents and AI instead of fancy terrain. It's a big undertaking, but I feel it is the future in games. Many games have beautiful and complex worlds, but very, very few have interesting inhabitants.

With my current design, agents are based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This makes it quite easy to have diverse behaviours and emergent results - for example, if you build a wall around a town full of people and burn their crops, they will eventually start starving and might even resort to cannibalism!

I've designed the system to be extremely modular - entirely new species and paths (e.g. plant grain for food is a path, so is looking for someone to chow down on) can be created via text files, making modding extremely easy.

After considering using C++, Go, Javascript, Python, or Java, I have decided to use C++. I have extensive experience with the language and already have a large library for games implemented.

If you know C++ and would like to help on the project, check out the repository. I intend on keeping everything open source for the time being.


This is a really large undertaking, so I'd love collaborators. Message me or email me at macoymadson@gmail.com.


Base 2.0 SFML 2

Make, G++