64 Commits (master)

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  Macoy Madson d0819bd970 Added terrainGeneration module (WIP); added Doxyfile for easier doc generation 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 5c23df1dd0 Removed simplexnoise due to it being patented; replaced with base lib's opensimplex noise wrapper 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 9298d585d5 Added code and data licenses; started work on a terrain generation model 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 6f0c16d49b Fairly large commit! RLEMs, cell unloading, ugly new terrain tile map… 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 727c2eac15 Fairly large commit! RLEMs, cell unloading, ugly new terrain tile map & gen algorithm, improved Pool documentation, migration from old .maps to .rlems 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 35aa529ef5 EventManager now uses double buffer to handle new events; world.update now takes request cells from events to update them 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson a5986dae62 Changed manhattan functions to abs instead of square; added EventManager; Pool now doubly linked 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 640feca789 Added RenderQueue through to ObjectProcessors; now using fixed timestep, which is more choppy than I hoped 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson e4aa26f6d3 Added InputState for input abstraction (I'm going to implement player object soon 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson e52fa2c23a Added RenderQueue for layer rendering and ImageManager to load and manage sprites 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 08e8405da6 GoToResource now works; added moveTowards and getDistance to Coord 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson f41750aaed useItemProcess and consumables now work! 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson e2507f82b6 Added basic item system; added cut-paste Process and NeedProcessor templates; started Hunger & UseItem 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson b7102e0304 Added pixels-based minimap 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 7ca1a6c202 Path now has no debug text 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson c5e0109fb4 Made varying simplex scales work in fastTerrain; Paths now managed through a central manager 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson b7ef6c3e78 Pathfinding now works; it still needs a lot of cleaning and a manager 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 40fd43146c Fixed precision drop in Coord, premovement bounds now used in preventCollision funcs; collisions are working well 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 94587744ae Made some modifications to preventObjectCollisions (nothing to report); fixed cell touched bug in far updates 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson ac1251c656 Experimented with agent-species stuff regarding updating; fixed relative bounds problem in moveObject() 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 0156248e3d Updated comments in various places; Agents now pooled in Species; AgentProcessor now partly works 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson cbb8492592 Object->tile collisions now work! Objects require bounds < 32 to fit into tile holes 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 3d66143a02 Object-object collision now uses relative coordinates; collisions now work over cell borders 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 70bc6c4e55 Fixed unnecessary allocation in cell.generate; cells should be a lot faster to generate now 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson b21c4305b1 Added manhattan distance for collision detection; processor return codes now apply 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson f9a7af7a94 Collisions now work! 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson a366b588cd Added collision skin/tolerance in moveObject; cleaned the data folder (migrated scripts) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 512cb3f830 Fixed small bug in quadtree (empty() inverted); fixed collision query range 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson a145c38715 Cppchecked code and fixed some small things; added dead simple ugly day-night cycle 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson ffad0e999a Experimented with large landmasses in terrainTest; camera and update is now smooth as silk! 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 37ac5a00f0 Cell unload delay now goes down as the pool fills; added DebugText 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 44ba5ceed4 Cells now unload when no active events have occurred (view nearby, objects in cell both are active events) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 12602347b5 Added generic Pool class; World now uses pools for cells; dynamicTileMap now used; memory stays rock solid on cell gen 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 0fc3913e28 Added simple sine-based cold climate bands 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 1cebb4c068 Simplex noise now used for world generation. It's looking awesome! 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 75b3baad0d Improved some documentation; added terrainTester and simplexnoise 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 915c3b673b World now renders Cell layers separately 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 42368df090 QuadTree now deletes cells when they are empty; World now loads or generates cells whenever requested 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 426a3dc624 Objects can now move between cells; updates now have deltas (WIP = getting right deltas) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson bc692c8049 Faraway cells now update until all extra time is consumed 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 0d32a81e55 World.getIntersectingCells now uses cached array; objects now update (WIP) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson f70fc2a1ef World.getIntersectingCells now works with any size (not just 2x2) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 8ce8739d36 View clipping solved (subtraction on xy conflicted with add on wh) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson b84a4ede68 Object onRender now works (still clipping bottom and right); added debug quadtree rendering 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson faba50604a Position and type now set in ObjectManager.getNewObject(); ObjManager getObjectsInRange(); cell rendering now layered 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson 90ff7a1922 QuadTree now reaches max depth and simply increases capacity (handles close objects well) 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson eb2f7acca5 ObjectManager.getObjectsOfType now ignores unused objects in the pool 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson ad9bed239b Objects must now go through ObjectManagers to move; Cells now contain ObjectManagers 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson d299ea79c0 Object pools now work 6 years ago
  Macoy Madson f6217ba8cc Added quadTree and object; ObjectManager is currently just quadtree testing 6 years ago