GameLib is a collection of libraries for creating applications in Cakelisp.
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# Build Cakelisp itself
echo "\n\nCakelisp\n\n"
./ || exit $?
cd ../..
echo "\n\nOgre\n\n"
$CAKELISP src/Config_Linux.cake src/OgreApp.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nSDL Ogre\n\n"
$CAKELISP src/Config_Linux.cake src/SDLOgreApp.cake || exit $?
# echo "\n\nAuto Test (Math only)\n\n"
# $CAKELISP --execute src/Config_Linux.cake src/AutoTest.cake src/Math.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nAuto Test\n\n"
$CAKELISP --execute src/Config_Linux.cake ../src/AutoTest.cake ../src/SDL.cake ../src/Math.cake ../src/Aubio.cake || exit $?
# $CAKELISP src/Config_Linux.cake ../src/AutoTest.cake ../src/SDL.cake ../src/Tracy.cake ../src/Math.cake ../src/Aubio.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nVocal Game (hot reload)\n\n"
$CAKELISP src/Config_Linux.cake src/MakeHotReload.cake src/VocalGame.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nLoader\n\n"
$CAKELISP --execute src/Config_Linux.cake src/Loader.cake || exit $?
echo "\n\nVocal Game (no reload)\n\n"
src/Config_Linux.cake src/NoHotReload.cake src/VocalGame.cake || exit $?