GameLib is a collection of libraries for creating applications in Cakelisp.
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;; This might not be strictly necessary because auto-instrument imports Tracy for us. For now I'll
;; keep it until I figure out a better way to have instrument handle profiler selection
(import "Tracy.cake")
(c-import "<stdio.h>")
;; TODO: Linux only. For sleep()
(c-import "unistd.h")
(defun-local hot-loop-body ()
(sleep 1))
(defun main (&return int)
(fprintf stderr "Waiting for profiler to connect...\n")
(while (not (call-on IsConnected (call (in tracy GetProfiler))))
(time-this-scope wait-for-profiler "wait for profiler")
(sleep 1))
(var i int 0)
(var num-times (const int) 10)
(while (< i num-times)
(fprintf stderr "hot loop %d / %d\n" i num-times)
(incr i))
(return 0))