GameLib is a collection of libraries for creating applications in Cakelisp.
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;; Export libraries included? Only if static linked
;; Make sure HotReloading.cake interface can be found by lib
;; TODO: This shouldn't be necessary because the loader can find C++ mangled types for us. I only
;; have to do this here because HotReloadingCodeModifier imports the header with c-linkage on
;; I would need an option to disable c linkage on that file in order to make it work
(set-cakelisp-option use-c-linkage true)
(add-build-config-label "HotLoader")
(set-cakelisp-option executable-output "Loader")
;; TODO: Tracy gets confused when the reloaded lib has its own version of Tracy
(add-cakelisp-search-directory "src")
(import "Tracy.cake"))
;; We only want the shared libraries these use
;; (import "src/Ogre.cake"
;; "src/SDL.cake")
(add-cakelisp-search-directory "Dependencies/cakelisp/runtime")
(import "Options.cake")
;; TODO: Should this happen automatically, because import automatically adds current working dir?
;; Should it add working dir?
(add-c-search-directory-module ".")
(import "HotReloading.cake")
(c-import "stdio.h")
(defun main (&return int)
(def-function-signature reload-entry-point-signature (&return bool))
(var hot-reload-entry-point-func reload-entry-point-signature null)
(register-function-pointer (type-cast (addr hot-reload-entry-point-func) (* (* void)))
;; TODO Support name conversion at runtime (conversion requires tokens)
(unless (do-hot-reload)
(printf "error: failed to load\n")
(return 1))
(while (hot-reload-entry-point-func)
(unless (do-hot-reload)
(printf "error: failed to hot-reload\n")
(return 1)))
(return 0))
;; Libraries
;; TODO: Is this necessary to include? (will they be unloaded when the hot-lib is unloaded,
;; losing their state?)
;; TODO: Add debug version
(add-library-search-directory "Dependencies/ogre-next/build/Debug/lib" "Dependencies/SDL/buildSDLBuild/lib")
(add-library-dependency "OgreHlmsPbs_d"
;; TODO: Relative path is going to break for sure
(add-library-runtime-search-directory "."