GameLib is a collection of libraries for creating applications in Cakelisp.
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;; Assets
;; TODO Improvements:
;; - Check blender command for changes to cause rebuild
;; - Check linked Blender files (would need to hard code because blender is too slow to start)
;; - Don't rebuild due to different build configuration (assets remain unchanged)
;; - Actually check assets instead of just cache file
(defun-comptime process-3d-assets (manager (& ModuleManager) module (* Module) &return bool)
(scope ;; Models/meshes
;; Make sure output dir exists and we have an absolute path to it
(var model-assets ([] (* (const char))) (array "Monkey" "MaterialSphere"))
(var model-relative-dir (* (const char)) "data/Models")
(makeDirectory model-relative-dir)
;; Output must be absolute or OgreMeshTool will fail (probably due to different working dir)
(var model-output-dir (* (const char)) (makeAbsolutePath_Allocated null model-relative-dir))
(unless model-output-dir
(Logf "Asset-Building: could not make directory %s absolute\n" model-relative-dir)
(return false))
(var i int 0)
(while (< i (array-size model-assets))
(var blend-asset ([] MAX_PATH_LENGTH char) (array 0))
(PrintfBuffer blend-asset "assets/%s.blend" (at i model-assets))
;; It is too slow to check Blender for all the files the blend will export, then check whether
;; the .blend file is more recently modified. Instead, create a file in the cache to represent
;; the last time the .blend was known to have been exported. Hack, especially because other
;; configurations don't need to rebuild assets. Probably better to just leave asset building to
;; another executable
(var cache-reference-filename ([] MAX_PATH_LENGTH char) (array 0))
(unless (outputFilenameFromSourceFilename (call-on c_str (field manager buildOutputDir))
"txt" ;; Add to end of file for type
cache-reference-filename (sizeof cache-reference-filename))
(free (type-cast model-output-dir (* void)))
(return false))
(unless (fileIsMoreRecentlyModified blend-asset cache-reference-filename)
(incr i)
"--background" blend-asset
"--python-exit-code" "1" ;; If there's a python exception, return 1
"--python" "../tools/"
"--" model-output-dir)
(Log "Asset-Building: failed to build 3D asset. Is Blender on your path? Is blender2ogre set
up on your Blender default preferences? See for setup\n
You may need to copy blender2ogre to your new blender version, e.g.:\n\n
cp -r Dependencies/blender2ogre/io_ogre ~/.config/blender/[version]/scripts/addons/\n\n
Or, open your new version of Blender and select 'Copy settings from [previous version]'\n
on the splash screen. Don't forget to set Ogre XML converter to OgreMeshTool\n")
(free (type-cast model-output-dir (* void)))
(return false))
(scope ;; Write reference file
(var cache-reference (* FILE) (fopen cache-reference-filename "w"))
(unless cache-reference
(Logf "Asset-Building: failed to open cache reference file %s\n" cache-reference-filename)
(free (type-cast model-output-dir (* void)))
(return false))
(fprintf cache-reference "%s exported\n" blend-asset)
(fclose cache-reference))
(incr i))
(free (type-cast model-output-dir (* void))))
(scope ;; Textures
(var texture-assets ([] (* (const char))) (array "Monkey_Texture"))
(var texture-process-results (<> std::vector int))
(call-on resize texture-process-results (array-size texture-assets))
(var max-num-processes int 4)
(var num-processes-running int 0)
(var i int 0)
(while (< i (array-size texture-assets))
(var texture-asset ([] MAX_PATH_LENGTH char) (array 0))
(PrintfBuffer texture-asset "assets/%s.png" (at i texture-assets))
(var texture-converted ([] MAX_PATH_LENGTH char) (array 0))
(PrintfBuffer texture-converted "data/Materials/Textures/" (at i texture-assets))
(unless (fileIsMoreRecentlyModified texture-asset texture-converted)
(incr i)
;; Don't spin up too many processes
(when (>= num-processes-running max-num-processes)
(Log "wait for processes\n")
(waitForAllProcessesClosed null)
(set num-processes-running 0))
(set (at i texture-process-results) -1)
(run-process-start-or (addr (at i texture-process-results))
("convert" texture-asset texture-converted)
(Log "Asset-Building: failed to convert 2D texture. Is 'convert' on your
path? You may need to install ImageMagick. See\n")
(return false))
(incr num-processes-running)
(incr i))
(waitForAllProcessesClosed null)
(for-in result int texture-process-results
(unless (= 0 result)
(Log "Asset-Building: failed to convert texture\n")
(return false))))
(return true))
;; TODO: This should be a post-build hook
(add-compile-time-hook-module pre-build process-3d-assets :priority-decrease 10)
(add-dependency-git-submodule clone-blender2ogre ""