GameLib is my library for making games
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(import &comptime-only "../Dependencies/cakelisp/runtime/Macros.cake")
;; Creates forward declarations in header files.
;; Example usage:
;; (forward-declare (namespace Ogre (class item) (struct my-struct)))
;; Outputs namespace Ogre { class item; struct my-struct;}
(defgenerator forward-declare ()
;; TODO: Support global vs local?
(var is-global bool true)
(var output-dest (& (<> std::vector StringOutput))
(? is-global (field output header) (field output source)))
(var end-invocation-index int (FindCloseParenTokenIndex tokens startTokenIndex))
(var start-body-index int (+ 2 startTokenIndex))
(var current-index int start-body-index)
(var namespace-stack (<> std::vector int))
(while (< current-index end-invocation-index)
(var current-token (& (const Token)) (at current-index tokens))
;; Invocations
(when (= TokenType_OpenParen (field current-token type))
(var invocation-token (& (const Token)) (at (+ 1 current-index) tokens))
((= 0 (on-call (field invocation-token contents) compare "namespace"))
(unless (< (+ 3 current-index) end-invocation-index)
(ErrorAtToken invocation-token "missing name or body arguments")
(return false))
(var namespace-name-token (& (const Token)) (at (+ 2 current-index) tokens))
(addStringOutput output-dest "namespace"
StringOutMod_SpaceAfter (addr invocation-token))
(addStringOutput output-dest (field namespace-name-token contents)
StringOutMod_None (addr namespace-name-token))
(addLangTokenOutput output-dest StringOutMod_OpenBlock (addr namespace-name-token))
(on-call namespace-stack push_back (FindCloseParenTokenIndex tokens current-index)))
((or (= 0 (on-call (field invocation-token contents) compare "class"))
(= 0 (on-call (field invocation-token contents) compare "struct")))
(unless (< (+ 2 current-index) end-invocation-index)
(ErrorAtToken invocation-token "missing name argument")
(return false))
(var type-name-token (& (const Token)) (at (+ 2 current-index) tokens))
(unless (ExpectTokenType "forward-declare" type-name-token TokenType_Symbol)
(return false))
(addStringOutput output-dest (field invocation-token contents)
StringOutMod_SpaceAfter (addr invocation-token))
(addStringOutput output-dest (field type-name-token contents)
StringOutMod_None (addr type-name-token))
(addLangTokenOutput output-dest StringOutMod_EndStatement (addr type-name-token)))
(ErrorAtToken invocation-token "unknown forward-declare type")
(return false))))
(when (= TokenType_CloseParen (field current-token type))
(for-in close-block-index int namespace-stack
(when (= close-block-index current-index)
(addLangTokenOutput output-dest StringOutMod_CloseBlock
(addr (at current-index tokens))))))
;; TODO: Support function calls so we can do this recursively?
;; (set current-index
;; (getNextArgument tokens current-index end-invocation-index))
(incr current-index))
(return true))
(defmacro command-add-string-argument ()
(destructure-arguments new-argument-index)
(quick-token-at new-argument new-argument-index)
(tokenize-push output (on-call (field linkCommand arguments) push_back
(array ProcessCommandArgumentType_String
(token-splice (addr new-argument)))))
(return true))