33 Commits (master)

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  Macoy Madson 75adb1581e Add note on purpose of global search dir 1 day ago
  Macoy Madson 2bfc4c32da Got hot-reloading working on VocalGame 1 day ago
  Macoy Madson e69b2a9b53 Update cakelisp for hot-reloading, comments 4 days ago
  Macoy Madson 2491b8fbb9 Ogre resources, audio resampling 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 10b462ab7a Fix audio device selection 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 871092aeed Moved OgreInitialize into Cakelisp code 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 2d8eef273b Normalize audio after recording 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson e1e1ec67b2 Explain output format in code 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 207d1e695a Close audio devices, gnuplot audio 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 68d2e72ddb Made a primitive looping pedal 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson a150956fb5 Added VocalGame as a prototype project 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 076e51ae48 Transitioned more systems over to new build system 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 06aa21bcfe Improved building 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson c4a60112e7 Update cakelisp for stable comptime builds 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson ca6d722f3a Update Cakelisp for macros, auto null 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 9068422058 Added AutoTest for quick high-level testing 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 0bded8b046 Added Tracy profiler 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 90acaab22e SDLApp: Moved things around a bit 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 1e2c00b704 Use timer for movement; fix build opts 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 35f225b7a5 Ogre now uses SDL window 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 7339561e5b Got SDL working; Ogre doesn't use its window yet 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson a61028e0d2 Update Cakelisp, move a node 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 5b72ab2d64 Now building without Jam 3 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 3fa7a8fc17 Upgrade for cakelisp build system 4 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson c6335e3b03 Load meshes and create nodes separately 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson cbef228389 Ogre load mesh, main loop, shutdown 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson d2d0d5f103 Ogre now successfully creates window 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson aa54b09b8b Got Ogre initialized 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson adf16f5d35 Added ogre submodules 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson b87a047c66 Added initial setup 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson c58457ae51 Remove old readme 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 7015a7f0be Added readme 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 98e5fa253f Initial commit 1 month ago