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Added changelog to update data

Macoy Madson 9 months ago
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@ -42,6 +42,7 @@
(def-introspect-struct auto-update-metadata
name ([] 64 char)
latest-version int
changelog (* char)
downloads (* auto-update-download) (override 'dynarray))
(def-type-alias-global CURL void)
@ -119,6 +120,8 @@
;; ./cryptography-cli create-signed-file ~/website/updates/Machsearch/
;; The download will only occur if the latest version is greater than current-application-version.
;; new-file-to-use-out-buffer will only be set if there was actually a newer file
;; changelog-out may be null if not provided
;; Note: Any more args and this should take an args struct, or return the metadata!
(defun auto-update-download (curl (* CURL) public-key (* (unsigned char))
update-cakedata-url (* (const char))
current-application-version int
@ -126,6 +129,7 @@
new-file-to-use-out-buffer (* char)
new-file-to-use-out-buffer-size size_t
new-version-out (* int)
changelog-out (* (* char))
&return bool)
(var update-metadata auto-update-metadata (array 0))
(unless (auto-update-get-latest-version-metadata
@ -185,9 +189,18 @@
(snprintf new-file-to-use-out-buffer new-file-to-use-out-buffer-size "%s/%s"
version-output-directory (path platform-download > file-to-use))
(set (deref new-version-out) (field update-metadata latest-version))
(when changelog-out
(set (deref changelog-out) (field update-metadata changelog))
;; Caller takes ownership
(set (field update-metadata changelog) null))
(free-introspect-struct-fields auto-update-metadata--metadata (addr update-metadata) free)
(return true))
;; Retain the ability to use another allocator within this module
(defun auto-update-changelog-free (changelog (* char))
(when changelog
(free changelog)))
(c-import "<stdio.h>")
@ -199,8 +212,8 @@
;; zip TestSerialize.cakedata TestDictionarySerialize.cakedata
;; ./cryptography-cli create-signed-file ~/website/updates/Product/
(var macoy-public-key ([] crypto_sign_PUBLICKEYBYTES (unsigned char))
(array 0x44 0xb2 0x64 0xe2 0x1b 0x8f 0x1e 0x23 0xc2 0x45 0xfc 0x74 0xa8 0x3c 0x4a 0xe2 0xcd
0xf6 0x89 0x17 0xbf 0x69 0xf8 0x16 0xb0 0x61 0xc5 0xd5 0xff 0x56 0xae 0xdb))
(array 0x8a 0xd0 0x2a 0x05 0x0a 0x57 0xe8 0x4c 0x7c 0x73 0xcf 0xdb 0x26 0xdd 0xb9 0xf7 0x6f 0x92
0x05 0xe6 0x5f 0xa5 0xf7 0xf4 0x50 0x87 0x33 0xec 0x5f 0xb0 0x66 0x84))
(var update-cakedata-url (* (const char))
(var current-version int 0)
@ -222,14 +235,18 @@
(curl_easy_setopt curl CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST 0)
(var new-version int 0)
(var changelog (* char) null)
(unless (auto-update-download curl macoy-public-key update-cakedata-url current-version
output-directory new-file-to-use (sizeof new-file-to-use)
(addr new-version))
(addr new-version) (addr changelog))
(curl_easy_cleanup curl)
(return 1))
(fprintf stderr "The update says I should use %s for version %d\n" new-file-to-use new-version)
(if changelog
(fprintf stderr "Changelog:\n%s\n" changelog)
(auto-update-changelog-free changelog))
(curl_easy_cleanup curl)