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  Macoy Madson 45d2b7ea98 Standalone Game Client, Gameplay loop, CharacterManager 4 years ago
  Macoy Madson 97f3f4e1aa Combat Animations, VS Code 4 years ago
  Macoy Madson cd4d53e42a Added UnrealLogOutput() properly so logging is now working; moved KillZ 4 years ago
  Macoy Madson 86c0c696ed Player now Entity, Actor spawning, broke world/chunks, UnrealMovement 4 years ago
  Macoy Madson 8199cfc368 Added TestPolyVoxChunk, which is working quite well! Updated readme with dependencies 5 years ago
  Macoy Madson f76d91dfcf Added Top Down Template from Unreal C++ basic templates; updated readme and gitignore 5 years ago
  Macoy Madson aacb002fac Initial commit 5 years ago