An open world action adventure game with HTN-based AI
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Miscellaneous notes regarding working on Galavant, the code, and other random shit.

Working With Unreal

  • I fucked up Nativized Blueprints on my machine when I updated from 4.17 to 4.18, so they may be broken on your machine too. Either way, I have disabled Blueprint nativization for the time being. I suspect a 100% fresh install of GalavantUnreal will resolve this. Update: I had to delete a duplicate of the NativizedAssets plugin from GalavantUnreal/Intermediate/Plugins which was in a folder "LinuxNoEditor" just to compile. Perhaps my workflow created this folder erroneously? This appears to have fixed Nativized Blueprints for me. I'll leave this note here in case it happens again to me or anyone else
  • When making changes to Galavant's libraries, simply touch a GalavantUnreal source file to ensure you get the latest Galavant changes when using Unreal's hot reloading
  • After rebuilding Unreal, you may need to delete GalavantUnreal/Binaries/* if you get 'Game Module Could Not Be Loaded' error on startup
  • Even if you make the project, you'll still need to hit the Compile button in the editor to get Unreal to compile and hotreload your code
  • I added a hack which makes the editor auto scale to my desired DPI settings. I run the command HighDPI in game and it'll make the editor scale for the rest of the runtime
  • When exporting .FBX Skeletal meshes from Blender, ensure Forward is Y Forward, Up is Z Up, and in Armature settings, uncheck Add Leaf Bones.

Useful Unreal Commands

  • I set my standalone builds to run with these options: -windowed -resx=1920 -resy=1080. I have a 4K monitor which is too performance intensive in game at native, and prefer windowed while working
  • r.setRes 1920x1080f: Set screen resolution (w = windowed, f = fullscreen, wf = windowed fullscreen)
  • ': (Hit apostrophe in gameplay): Debug gameplay interface. Use NumPad for various views
  • stat fps: Show FPS in corner
  • t.MaxFps: Set max FPS (default seems to be 60)
  • stat StartFile, stat StopFile: Record profiling data. Goes to the nearest Saved folder to the executable. Open Window > Developer Tools > Session Frontend and go to the Profiler tab to do anything useful with this data

Comment Tags

Future tasks:

  • TODO: Something needs to get done. I use TodoReview for Sublime to find all of these easily.
  • @Performance: Not justifiable as a TODO, but could be looked at when thinking about performance
  • @Purity: Look into changing the code for code purity/cleanliness' sake
  • @Stability: Should be changed in order to make the code more stable (segfault protection etc.)

Structure labels:

  • @Callback: The marked function is used as a callback. Preferably @Callback [Callback type name]
  • @Latelink: The marked thing is latelinked. Frontends must define them before linking can complete
  • @LatelinkDef: The marked thing is the frontend definition of a latelinked thing