A tool for managing file systems
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Macoy Madson 26afe99d69 Fix indentation 1 year ago
Config_Linux.cake Add missing search directory in Profile 1 year ago
Config_Mingw.cake Progress on Windows support 1 year ago
Config_Windows.cake Move platform-independent config into main file 1 year ago
Config_WindowsBootstrap.cake Got Windows build working 2 years ago
Export.cake Convert some headers to use C headers 1 year ago
FileHelper.cake Fix indentation 1 year ago
FileHelperMain.cpp Fix paths problems with extra slashes, errors 1 year ago
FileSystem.cake Convert some headers to use C headers 1 year ago
Help.cake Move Help into its own file 1 year ago
ImGuiAutoColor.cake Tweaked some color assignments 1 year ago
ImGuiConfig.h WIP treemap rendering in ImGui window 1 year ago
License.cake Add EnkiTS, Auto Color licenses 1 year ago
LoadSave.cake Added default configuration 1 year ago
PlatformTest.cake Added function for getting Windows drives 1 year ago
Time.cake Interpolate between themes, set default theme 1 year ago
Treemap.cake WIP Treemap with subdirectories 1 year ago
TreemapFileSystem.cake Move classify into separate task 1 year ago
TreemapOpenGL.cake Checkbox for using theme on treemap 1 year ago
Utilities.cake Update gamelib for OpenGL fixes, treemap drawing 1 year ago