A timing app designed to run on my Odroid-GO
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#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <driver/gpio.h>
#include <driver/adc.h>
typedef struct
uint16_t a : 1;
uint16_t b : 1;
uint16_t volume : 1;
uint16_t menu : 1;
uint16_t select : 1;
uint16_t start : 1;
uint16_t left : 1;
uint16_t right : 1;
uint16_t up : 1;
uint16_t down : 1;
} Odroid_Input;
void Odroid_InitializeInput(void);
Odroid_Input Odroid_PollInput(void);
void Odroid_PrintInputState(Odroid_Input* input);
int Odroid_HasAnyInput(Odroid_Input* input);
extern const gpio_num_t BUTTON_PIN_A;
extern const gpio_num_t BUTTON_PIN_B;
extern const gpio_num_t BUTTON_PIN_START;
extern const gpio_num_t BUTTON_PIN_SELECT;
extern const gpio_num_t BUTTON_PIN_VOLUME;
extern const gpio_num_t BUTTON_PIN_MENU;
extern const adc1_channel_t DPAD_PIN_X_AXIS;
extern const adc1_channel_t DPAD_PIN_Y_AXIS;