My Emacs config, and other editor settings
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;; Turns "D:/srcTip" into "/d/srcTip"
(defun macoy-windows-path-to-gitbash-path (path)
(format "/%s" (replace-regexp-in-string ":/" "/" path)))
;; Index management: determine which index files to use for things like tags, codesearch, etc.
(defun macoy-set-index-directories (&optional code-dir data-dir)
"Change which directories Codesearch, tags, and other utilities create their indexes for.
Note that this does not perform any indexing."
(setq macoy-active-code-dir
(if code-dir
;; Strip the trailing '/'
(substring (read-directory-name
(format "Code index directory (was %s): " macoy-active-code-dir)) 0 -1)))
(setq macoy-active-data-dir
(if data-dir
;; Strip the trailing '/'
(substring (read-directory-name
(format "Data index directory (was %s): " macoy-active-data-dir)) 0 -1)))
;; Follow up by updating things which rely on this statically
(setq tortoise-svn-repository-path macoy-active-code-dir)
(setq macoy-active-code-dir-gitbash (macoy-windows-path-to-gitbash-path macoy-active-code-dir))
(setq macoy-active-data-dir-escaped (macoy-unix-path-to-windows-path macoy-active-data-dir))
;; Narrow the search a bit
(setq macoy-active-data-search-dir (format "%s/data" macoy-active-data-dir))
(setq codesearch-dir-to-index macoy-active-code-dir)
;; TODO Make this an add-to-list conditionally on exclude
(setq codesearch-cindex-args
(list "-reset" "-exclude" (format "%s/csearchIgnorePatterns" macoy-active-code-dir)))
(setq macoy-codesearch-search-data-dir macoy-active-data-search-dir)
(message "Set to %s (code) and %s (data). No indexing performed"
macoy-active-code-dir macoy-active-data-dir))