My Emacs config, and other editor settings
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ac-etags 20161001.807 installed etags/ctags completion source for auto-complete
ace-jump-mode installed a quick cursor location minor mode for emacs
ag 20180225.240 installed A front-end for ag ('the silver searcher'), the C ack replacement.
alect-themes 20180322.1408 installed Configurable light, dark and black themes for Emacs 24 or later
auto-complete 20170124.1845 installed Auto Completion for GNU Emacs
avy 20180415.1259 installed Jump to arbitrary positions in visible text and select text quickly.
base16-theme 20180320.2254 installed Collection of themes built on combinations of 16 base colors
better-defaults 0.1.2 installed Fixing weird quirks and poor defaults
clang-format 20180406.814 installed Format code using clang-format
company 20180501.11 installed Modular text completion framework
darktooth-theme 20171206.639 installed From the darkness... it watches
desktop-registry 1.2.0 installed Keep a central registry of desktop files
dtrt-indent 0.2.0 installed Adapt to foreign indentation offsets
dumb-jump 20180323.1942 installed jump to definition for multiple languages without configuration.
fiplr 0.1.3 installed Fuzzy finder for files in a project.
flx-ido 20180117.719 installed flx integration for ido
ido-vertical-mode 0.1.1 installed Makes ido-mode display vertically.
marmalade-demo 0.0.5 installed a demonstration elpa package
multiple-cursors 20180406.1350 installed Multiple cursors for Emacs.
powerline 20180321.1948 installed Rewrite of Powerline
projectile 20180324.2226 installed Manage and navigate projects in Emacs easily
simpleclip 20170803.540 installed Simplified access to the system clipboard
smex 3.0 installed M-x interface with Ido-style fuzzy matching.
smooth-scrolling 20161002.1249 installed Make emacs scroll smoothly
sublime-themes 20170606.1144 installed A collection of themes based on Sublime Text
swiper 20180402.1857 installed Isearch with an overview. Oh, man!
xah-find 20180310.450 installed find replace in pure emacs lisp. Purpose similar to grep/sed.
yasnippet 20180412.1548 installed Yet another snippet extension for Emacs.
zenburn-theme 2.1 installed A low contrast color theme for Emacs.