My Emacs config, and other editor settings
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Macoy's Emacs Configs

dotEmacs.el is meant to become \~/.emacs once installed. Open it for the latest instructions (below may be out of date; it's included here to give you an idea what you'll have to do).

Note that I recommend you cherry pick features you want instead of trying to use the entire config. This is better because you'll know all the features available to you.


Copy the contents of dotEmacs.el to \~/.emacs Set the user-init-dir in your .emacs to the directory of this This will load my config files straight from this repository.

  1. Install all packages in emacsPackages.txt

  2. Add macoyCopy, macoyCut, and macoyPaste to mc/cmds-to-run-once and restart Emacs

  3. For magit on windows, fix credentials for server folder:

  4. Setup magit credentials:

  5. If you want to use codesearch (fancy ultra fast indexed code searching), install it: …then set codesearch-csearch-exe and codesearch-cindex-exe to their respective executable locations Search for codesearch in this file to adjust indexing settings