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;; Then start syncing with M-x org-jira-get-issues.
;; Goes to ~/.org-jira by default
(when (require 'org-jira)
(setq jiralib-url "http://jira:8080")
;; This doesn't fix the issue with org-jira-progress-issue. What made the required things?
;; (when (require 'ido-completing-read+)
;; (add-to-list 'ido-cr+-function-blacklist 'org-jira-progress-issue))
; Debug commands
;; (setq org-jira-verbosity 'debug)
;; (setq request-log-level 'debug)
;;(setq request-log-level 'warn)
;; (setq request-message-level 'debug)
;; (setq request-message-level 'warn)
;; (setq org-jira-working-dir "~/.org-jira")
;; Not sure why, but org-jira has trouble making this dir on its own
(files--ensure-directory org-jira-working-dir)
;; Overload this function to work with lower permissions (i.e. not set reporter)
;; (TODO) We'll also add labels, which weren't in the original for some reason
;; Need to do something like org-jira-build-components-list
(defun org-jira-update-issue-details (issue-id filename &rest rest)
"Update the details of issue ISSUE-ID in FILENAME. REST will contain optional input."
(ensure-on-issue-id-with-filename issue-id filename
;; Set up a bunch of values from the org content
(let* ((org-issue-components (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'components))
;; (org-issue-labels (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'labels))
(org-issue-description (s-trim (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'description)))
(org-issue-priority (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'priority))
(org-issue-type (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'type))
(org-issue-assignee (cl-getf rest :assignee (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'assignee)))
;; (org-issue-reporter (cl-getf rest :reporter (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'reporter)))
(project (replace-regexp-in-string "-[0-9]+" "" issue-id))
(project-components (jiralib-get-components project)))
;; Lets fire off a worklog update async with the main issue
;; update, why not? This is better to fire first, because it
;; doesn't auto-refresh any areas, while the end of the main
;; update does a callback that reloads the worklog entries (so,
;; we hope that wont occur until after this successfully syncs
;; up). Only do this sync if the user defcustom defines it as such.
(when org-jira-worklog-sync-p
;; Send the update to jira
(let ((update-fields
(list (cons
(or (org-jira-build-components-list
org-issue-components) []))
;; (cons 'labels org-issue-labels)
(cons 'priority (org-jira-get-id-name-alist org-issue-priority
(cons 'description org-issue-description)
(cons 'assignee (jiralib-get-user org-issue-assignee))
;; (cons 'reporter (jiralib-get-user org-issue-reporter))
(cons 'summary (org-jira-strip-priority-tags (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'summary)))
(cons 'issuetype (org-jira-get-id-name-alist org-issue-type
;; If we enable duedate sync and we have a deadline present
(when (and org-jira-deadline-duedate-sync-p
(org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'deadline))
(setq update-fields
(append update-fields
(list (cons 'duedate (org-jira-get-issue-val-from-org 'deadline))))))
;; TODO: We need some way to handle things like assignee setting
;; and refreshing the proper issue in the proper buffer/filename.
;; This callback occurs on success
(message (format "Issue '%s' updated!" issue-id))
(org-jira-log "Update get issue for refresh callback hit.")
(-> cb-data list org-jira-get-issues))))