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;; Build systems
;; These jam systems are here more for reference than for actual use
(defun build-universal-jam ()
"Build using jam (select directory first)"
(message "Building using Jam")
(let ((default-directory (read-directory-name "Directory: ")))
(compile "jam -j4 -q")))
(defun build-universal-jam-clean ()
"Build using jam (select directory first)"
(message "Jam clean")
(let ((default-directory (read-directory-name "Directory: ")))
(compile "jam clean")))
;; Build system manager - select from multiple different compilation commands
;; Note that names need to be unique (they should be anyways)
(setq macoy-build-system-list (list
'("Jam (current directory)" build-universal-jam)
'("Jam Clean (current directory)" build-universal-jam-clean)
(setq macoy-build-system-default nil)
(defun macoy-build-system-build ()
"Build the build system defined in `macoy-build-system-default'"
(let ((compilation-scroll-output t))
(when macoy-build-system-default
(message "Building %s" (car macoy-build-system-default))
(let ((build-function (nth 1 macoy-build-system-default)))
(call-interactively build-function)))
(unless macoy-build-system-default
(call-interactively 'macoy-build-system-select-then-build))))
(defun macoy-build-system-select ()
"Select default build system using Ido"
;; Use Ido to pick the build system
(let ((build-system-ido-list nil) (selected-build-system nil))
;; Build a list of only the names of build systems
(dolist (build-system macoy-build-system-list build-system-ido-list)
(add-to-list 'build-system-ido-list (car build-system)))
;; Let the user select the build system using Ido
(setq selected-build-system (ido-completing-read "Build system: " build-system-ido-list))
(dolist (build-system macoy-build-system-list)
(when (string-equal selected-build-system (car build-system))
(setq macoy-build-system-default build-system)))))
(defun macoy-build-system-select-then-build ()
"Select a build from `macoy-build-system-list' and build it"
(call-interactively 'macoy-build-system-select)
;; Execute the build
(global-set-key (kbd "<f7>") 'macoy-build-system-build)
(global-set-key (kbd "S-<f7>") 'macoy-build-system-select-then-build)
;; Doesn't work because it needs to select the buffer. This shouldn't happen for search results too, but would
;; (defun macoy-on-compilation-mode ()
;; (end-of-buffer)
;; )
;; (add-hook 'compilation-mode-hook 'macoy-on-compilation-mode)