15 Commits (d0b10420619b26b403d2a2d63c32892325cb4fdb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Macoy Madson c062c3f81e Small visual customization changes 12 months ago
Macoy Madson 86953ec56d Minor cleanup, add active code dir escaped 1 year ago
Macoy Madson b355207592 Better smerge colors, modular tortoise-svn 3 years ago
Macoy Madson 38b1adf7e3 Switch to spaces in some languages, experimentation 3 years ago
Macoy Madson 99d1fdcd09 Org: make level 4 headings not use comment face 3 years ago
Macoy Madson eb4429426c Narrow/widen keybind, image-dired rebind 3 years ago
Macoy Madson 583ac24c31 Fixed some parens, change projectile to slant 3 years ago
Macoy Madson 3b1fe15965 Coding system, whitespace customizations 3 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com fe870a3154 Use next-logical-line when multiple-cursors is active 3 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com f739b8e131 Updated clang format, whitespace, mark buffer save pos 3 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 9b1fccfaa6 Shortcuts for things, editable codesearch results, misc stuff 4 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 09c5fe5bac Scrolling, search, and diff improvements 4 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 4ecc3596e2 No more slow scroll 4 years ago
Macoy Madson 4d4fa083b3 Renamed emacsConfig, updated readme, fixed horizontal splitting 4 years ago
Macoy Madson 5be18d00bd Complete reorganization of .emacs 4 years ago