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Macoy Madson d0b1042061 Adjusted Everything ido search 2 years ago
Macoy Madson ae29fab7b8 Reverse the list so the ordering is good 2 years ago
Macoy Madson 784b7596fe Use ido after running everything, reformatted 2 years ago
Macoy Madson 4510ca0049 Flailed with tags, added Search Everything support 2 years ago
Macoy Madson a55707e18a Tag index experimentation, more faces customization 4 years ago
Macoy Madson 793f4cdeee Improved directory switching 4 years ago
Macoy Madson 6e82a7eb69 Added Japanese dictionary lookup 4 years ago
Macoy Madson 1f94b4e5ea Exposed data folder, reformatted 4 years ago
Macoy Madson 3b1fe15965 Coding system, whitespace customizations 4 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com ab97c34236 C-S-Backspace kill subword, codesearch upgrade 5 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com e88cd8f6b7 Added conditional configuration 5 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 3592848c53 Fix end of line for multiple cursors, projectile old version 5 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 9b1fccfaa6 Shortcuts for things, editable codesearch results, misc stuff 5 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 09c5fe5bac Scrolling, search, and diff improvements 5 years ago
macoymadson@gmail.com 4ecc3596e2 No more slow scroll 5 years ago
Macoy Madson 5be18d00bd Complete reorganization of .emacs 5 years ago