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Codesearch file filter, isearch from clipboard, dsvn faces

* Codesearch now filters its results through grep -v so files can be
easily ignored via regex
* C-v will paste clipboard into isearch. This doesn't work perfectly
  because isearch treats that as one addition, so backspace completely
  deletes the string :(
* DSVN now has faces which match the theme :)
Macoy Madson 4 years ago
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@ -56,7 +56,6 @@
;; - Multiple cursors copy and cut when whole line selected
;; - Ido jump to file anywhere does more harm than good (especially when creating new files)
;; - Python indentation is troublesome in originally poorly formatted files
;; - Make C-g quit selection and multiple cursors if mc is active
;; - Auto-install packages just by loading .emacs
;; (use-package? but I don't want to get locked in)
;; - Shortcuts:
@ -70,7 +69,6 @@
;; - tags-query-replace use marked for tag to replace
;; - Recover from commit failed backup command (or at least quick-open recovery file)
;; - Fix windows OpenSSL/TLS support
;; - Fix multiple-cursors slow parenthesis completion (due to pause to show matching?)
;; - Build system management (use (funcall (intern "my-func-name")) to ido select build system?)
;; - Jump copy thing at point then paste back at start
;; e.g. the macro would avy prompt, jump to destination, copy it, then go back and paste it at start mark
@ -95,9 +93,12 @@
;; - Find file in dir (basically ido find file but actually useful; how does it work?)
;; - Macoy-Codesearch should have something for whole word searches as well as sanitizing regex symbols
;;*- IMPORTANT Codesearch ignore autogenerated files (maybe during building index?)
;; - Codesearch doesn't seem to actually be updating during index (wtf?)
;; - Isearch: Make reversing the isearch not find the same thing again
;; - Isearch: Always put cursor at end of search (try searching backwards; it'll put it at the front)
;; - Isearch: If you paste a thing into isearch, then go up or down a bit, then hit backspace, it returns
;; to the last search until you get to the original place, then it clears the search. This is confusing :(
;; Criticism improvements:
;; - [DONE] Select word at point
;; - [DONE] Reopen closed file
@ -483,20 +484,29 @@
"Codesearch results compilation mode"
(defun macoy-codesearch-search (pattern)
;; The filter which will apply to codesearch results. Things matching this regex will be removed
;; This is useful for e.g. filtering autogenerated code files
;; Note that this will also remove code lines which match this pattern, so make the regex robust to that
(setq macoy-codesearch-ignore-lines-pattern "_ast\.")
(defun macoy-codesearch-search-with-filter (pattern)
(read-string "Search: " (thing-at-point 'symbol))))
;; Use the compile command so we have nice clickable links
;; Note that without regexp-quote, this does support regexes. I don't want them in my case
;; Args explanation: -n (Line numbers) -i (ignore case)
(compilation-start (format "%s -n -i %s" codesearch-csearch-exe (regexp-quote pattern))
;; Output Codesearch results to a temporary file, filter out lines, then clean up the temp file
(compilation-start (format "%s -n -i %s > .temp-codesearch.txt && grep -v %s .temp-codesearch.txt && rm .temp-codesearch.txt"
(regexp-quote pattern)
`(lambda (mode-name) , "*Codesearch*")
(global-set-key (kbd "C-S-f") 'macoy-codesearch-search)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-S-f") 'macoy-codesearch-search-with-filter)
;; Simpleclip makes system clipboard and emacs kill ring separate
;; This is sane copy paste behavior
@ -716,10 +726,17 @@
(tags-search (ido-completing-read "Tag: " macoy-tag-names))
;; Find references
(global-set-key (kbd "C-\\") 'macoy-tags-search)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-|") 'tags-loop-continue)
;; Isearch customizations
(defun macoy-isearch-yank-clipboard ()
"Insert the contents of the clipboard into isearch. We do this because we don't use the yank stuff"
(isearch-yank-string (simpleclip-get-contents))
(define-key isearch-mode-map (kbd "C-v") 'macoy-isearch-yank-clipboard)
;; Go to next/previous result with arrow keys
(define-key isearch-mode-map (kbd "<up>") 'isearch-repeat-backward)
(define-key isearch-mode-map (kbd "<down>") 'isearch-repeat-forward)
@ -1388,6 +1405,9 @@ static char *gnus-pointer[] = {
(set-face-background 'avy-lead-face-1 (face-foreground 'match))
(set-face-foreground 'avy-lead-face-2 (face-background 'match))
(set-face-background 'avy-lead-face-2 (face-foreground 'match))
;; Make dsvn marked face match theme
(set-face-foreground 'svn-mark-face (face-foreground 'region))
(set-face-background 'svn-mark-face (face-background 'region))
;; Hide these modes completely (for a more minimal look)
;; Diminish things down here so that we're sure we catch all modes