844 Commits (docking_inter)

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Macoy Madson 56808985db Use macoy mirrors instead of github 5 months ago
sonoro1234 b15f98a4c0 avoid deleting info for JSON and generate (issue #245) 5 months ago
sonoro1234 c8c5add506 pull imgui 1.89.7 docking and generate 5 months ago
Victor Bombi dccbce96fb
Merge pull request #243 from xEgoist/docking_inter 6 months ago
xEgoist 705cd9d8a5 CI: use x64-windows target triplet for vcpkg 6 months ago
xEgoist b8dcf08413 CI: use installed directory for vcpkg instead of packages 6 months ago
sonoro1234 5c09c391af try to make github actions happy again 6 months ago
sonoro1234 55c6f914a7 pull imgui 1.89.6 and generate 6 months ago
sonoro1234 a5f9979d90 clean debug output 6 months ago
sonoro1234 a65bf47a5f solve union with comments #241 6 months ago
sonoro1234 925d24572d cpp2ffi: sanitize_comments to clean curly braces from comments 8 months ago
sonoro1234 ffda7805d2 pull imgui 1.89.5 and generate 8 months ago
Victor Bombi 9ae8e827fa
Merge pull request #238 from gucio321/sh-generator-pass-cmdline-args 8 months ago
gucio321 9ac8211a3d
generator: add help page 8 months ago
M.Sz 0c22b34cb6 generator: set default values 8 months ago
M.Sz e2093ffbc1 generator: remove unnecessary header comment 8 months ago
M.Sz fa81118e09 generator: add -t/--tagret options 8 months ago
M.Sz ff19d727b7 Revert "Revert "generattor: add --cflags command line flag"" 8 months ago
sonoro1234 a0d46db2f2 readme: generation customization instructions 8 months ago
Victor Bombi aad088b954
Merge pull request #233 from gucio321/sh-generator-pass-cmdline-args 8 months ago
gucio321 9d1e63d306
generator.bat: pass cmd line arguments to luajit 8 months ago
gucio321 2ae35c8b46
Revert "generattor: add --cflags command line flag" 8 months ago
gucio321 4d19dd5e17
generattor: add --cflags command line flag 8 months ago
sonoro1234 2b9eaf3eff readme: edit cflags 8 months ago
gucio321 27aedcd3c4
generator: pass command-line arguments to GCC 8 months ago
sonoro1234 e25f9f6844 add generator options "nochar" and "noimstrv" according to issue #186 9 months ago
sonoro1234 2c8eab86f7 pull imgui 1.89.4 and generate 9 months ago
sonoro1234 ce1015bb84 backends: CIMGUI_USE_SDL is now CIMGUI_USE_SDL2 10 months ago
sonoro1234 1187e22308 pull imgui 1.89.3 generate correct sdl2 backend inclusion 10 months ago
sonoro1234 5a857ee68d cpp2ffi: dont error on not loca 11 months ago
sonoro1234 18e5891710 generator.lua add table cimgui_skipped 11 months ago
sonoro1234 56fdbf845b pull imgui docking 1.89.2 and generate 11 months ago
sonoro1234 d159c2622d correction after merge?!! 1 year ago
Victor Bombi 56892a4e3a
Merge pull request #227 from rokups/rk/fix-ci 1 year ago
Rokas Kupstys 0a953b7102 Fix CI builds. For some reason bash on windows no longer recognizes luajit without .exe suffix. 1 year ago
sonoro1234 0348715500 pull imgui 1.89.1 and generate 1 year ago
sonoro1234 68483775b3 pull imgui 1.89.1 docking and generate 1 year ago
sonoro1234 0369ceb1b4 generator.lua: use IMGUI_VERSION_NUM 1 year ago
sonoro1234 4f089273b1 cpp2ffi.lua: changes to keep comments from struct and enums (from branch comments4000) 1 year ago
sonoro1234 b0649485e9 correcting errors on last merge: example_glfw_opengl3 1 year ago
Victor Bombi a0a7ca3ca2
Merge pull request #224 from seafork/docking_inter 1 year ago
seafork 3e823cd2ee fixed misspelt cmake file 1 year ago
seafork 6a2b18fa65
made glfw more portable 1 year ago
seafork 75ec483e75
fixed compilation error on windows. 1 year ago
seafork 08f24307b8
cleaned up a comment 1 year ago
seafork a9a9fa4e9e add example for glfw3 and opengl3 1 year ago
sonoro1234 ce3b504e11 update readme version 1 year ago
sonoro1234 4230a5566e pull imgui 1.89 and generate 1 year ago
sonoro1234 9ce2c32dad add info about comments generation 1 year ago
sonoro1234 3d676ffb8b cpp2ffi: skip enum forward declarations 1 year ago