A performance-oriented Lisp-like language where I can have my cake, and eat it (too)
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(import "HotReloading.cake")
(c-import "stdio.h")
(defun main (&return int)
(fprintf stderr "Hello Hot-reloading!\n")
(def-function-signature reload-entry-point-signature (&return bool))
(var hot-reload-entry-point-func reload-entry-point-signature null)
(register-function-pointer (type-cast (addr hot-reload-entry-point-func) (* (* void)))
;; TODO Support name conversion at runtime? (conversion requires tokens)
(unless (do-hot-reload)
(fprintf stderr "error: failed to hot-reload\n")
(return 1))
(while (hot-reload-entry-point-func)
(unless (do-hot-reload)
(fprintf stderr "error: failed to hot-reload\n")
(return 1)))
(return 0))
(set-cakelisp-option executable-output "hot_loader"))
(set-cakelisp-option executable-output "hot_loader.exe")))