A performance-oriented Lisp-like language where I can have my cake, and eat it (too)
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# Note: If you make changes to the bootstrap process, you will need to delete
# $CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN so that it is updated
if test -f "$CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN"; then
echo "$CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN exists. Building using Cakelisp"
$CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN Bootstrap_Mac.cake || exit $?
echo "Use ./bin/cakelisp to build your files"
echo "$CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN does not exist. Building bootstrap executable manually"
mkdir -p bin
$CC -c --std=c++11 \
src/Tokenizer.cpp \
src/Evaluator.cpp \
src/Utilities.cpp \
src/FileUtilities.cpp \
src/Converters.cpp \
src/Writer.cpp \
src/Generators.cpp \
src/GeneratorHelpers.cpp \
src/RunProcess.c \
src/RunProcessHelpers.cpp \
src/OutputPreambles.cpp \
src/DynamicLoader.cpp \
src/ModuleManager.cpp \
src/Logging.cpp \
src/Build.cpp \
src/Metadata.cpp \
src/Main.cpp \
-DMACOS || exit $?
# Need -ldl for dynamic loading, -rdynamic to let compile-time functions resolve to
# Cakelisp symbols
$LINK -o $CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN *.o -ldl -lstdc++ -rdynamic || exit $?
rm *.o
echo "Built $CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN successfully. Now building with Cakelisp"
$CAKELISP_BOOTSTRAP_BIN Bootstrap_Mac.cake || exit $?
echo "Cakelisp successfully bootstrapped. Use ./bin/cakelisp to build your files"