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  Macoy Madson ad037d0fe4 Added body, more indent functions 3 days ago
  Macoy Madson 8e270bd5a6 Added variadic functions 5 days ago
  Macoy Madson 482b7451db Pulled more useful macros from gamelib 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson 1dc47cf1fc Added var-construct from gamelib 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson 5c0ce25350 Added note on type keywords 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson ffc8215590 Arbitrary keywords can now be used in types 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson bf53293308 Add interface for building without executing 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson 4ae6084719 RunTests executes Cakelisp directly 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson a3ce7b2ce0 Deprecated block and nth 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson 6602f60904 Add validation to var for extra arguments 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson 51903071d4 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:makuto/cakelisp 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson 7503068699 Added arg-index destructure bind type 6 days ago
  Macoy Madson be19a1891d Fix Windows build missing export tags 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 10e5b54ae6 Minor docs changes, formatting 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 5e1cf68e2e Delete old tokenize-push 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson a9bee2d5ef Support multiple args to token-splice 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 7e8d6d507c New tokenize-push now working 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson 693abfa229 Added first half of tokenize-push rewrite 1 week ago
  Macoy Madson a7aaab15dc Fix BuildDependencies test on Windows 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson ee8940c3d8 Fix all format warnings on Windows 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson afa9dbbbd6 Fix memory leak, don't hardcode working dir 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 45d5ca0cd1 Fix indentation 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 5e8d9f87cd Fix size_t 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 14ba827707 Merge branch 'master' into precompiled-headers 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 007b1d44ec Resolve build dependencies at build time 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 92fd952792 Fix function indents, add Handmade Network link 2 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 7057ad2edf Fix maybe-unitialized error 4 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 5856e3197e Fix small things from stricter build flags 4 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 33efb858c9 Merge branch 'master' into precompiled-headers 4 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson df6b264e9c No longer convert relative to absolute paths 4 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 8f0639f204 Port declare-extern-function from gamelib 4 weeks ago
  Macoy Madson 73e5f5239d Added some notes on runtime and generators 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 05fea67ea9 Update references to Macros.cake > ComptimeHelpers 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson e008afde56 Rename Macros.cake to ComptimeHelpers.cake 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson ca62fc42c4 Ported useful macros, update docs 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 868b354956 Fix memory leak, don't count failed processes 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 6b0d950976 Fix title for Gitea 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 091687733e Added Statement to CStatementOperations 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 221793c4a0 Added ability to specify hook order of execution 1 month ago
  Macoy Madson 4894f763b7 Arrays now evaluate their size argument, fix in 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson ebcf6ff493 Fix type aliases not converting type names 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 8c6492a27d Fix title, reformat code 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 226d439465 Indicate build reason when file doesn't exist 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 2e4ed35c0e Enable debug again 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 9e76f77631 Precompiled headers working for comptime 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson ad948885f2 Merge branch 'master' into precompiled-headers 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson caa3113695 Fix Linux BuildHelpers not resolving executable 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 7bad4bde3d Remove unnecessary print 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 89117825d9 Fixed Windows bugs due to comptime, cache file 2 months ago
  Macoy Madson 382b304eef Rename Windows config to Mingw 2 months ago