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Macoy Madson 2 years ago
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@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ The ~runtime/~ directory stores ~.cake~ files which provide various features:
...and more. With the C/CPP helpers files, they have any language feature that wasn't essential to include in ~Generators.cpp~ as "built-ins".
Nothing in ~runtime/~ will actually affect your program unless you explicitly ~import~ them.
** Supplementary things
- ~doc/~ folder contains Cakelisp documentation
- ~tools/~ holds 3rd-party configuration files for making other tools work with Cakelisp
@ -54,7 +56,7 @@ Once these prerequisites are satisfied, do the following:
- Linux: Run
- Mac: (TODO) Run
If the script fails, please email so he can help you and make this build step more robust.
If the script fails, please email so I can help you and make this build step more robust.
If they succeed, you now have a working ~cakelisp~ binary in the ~bin/~ directory!
@ -63,3 +65,44 @@ The language is changing fast enough that I recommend against doing a system-wid
* First program
Let's make sure everything is working. Create a new file ~Hello.cake~ and edit it to have the following:
#+BEGIN_SRC lisp
(c-import "<stdio.h>")
(defun main (&return int)
(fprintf stderr "Hello, Cakelisp!\n")
(return 0))
If you're familiar with C (which you probably should be; I will basically assume you are in this tutorial), this should be pretty simple.
We're just getting started though; this language is much more than C with more parentheses.
Build the file with the following command (adjust to add ~.exe~ on Windows if necessary):
./bin/cakelisp --execute Hello.cake
If everything is set up properly, you should see:
Successfully built and linked a.out
Hello, Cakelisp!
You can see that it not only built, but ran the output executable for us, thanks to that ~--execute~ option.
If you run that same command again, you'll see slightly different output:
No changes needed for a.out
Hello, Cakelisp!
Cakelisp's build system automatically caches build artifacts and only rebuilds things when you make changes.
* Special sauce
"Hello World" is pretty boring. Let's write a program that would be difficult to write in a language without Cakelisp's features.