Generate base16 color schemes from images
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Left off

To Do

TODO Test selections with more images

TODO Green and red tint for diff colors? Either way, establish relationship between those two (and maybe others) ensuring they are different


base08, base0B, base0E should be unique between eachother (diff colors)
Always have base08 variables be darker than 0A classes, 0D functions, and 0E keywords?
Ensure no other foreground text values are the same as base03 comments?

TODO Support different heuristic modes (e.g. light theme, more muted, more contrasty)

TODO IMPORTANT Make sure things are contrasty relative to line highlight (base01?)

TODO Figure out how to update base16 theme colors without having to reload emacs (just unset and set in customize-themes?)

TODO Emacs interface doesn't update correctly (status bars) without having to reload, which doesn't give an accurate picture for those colors

TODO Post on /r/unixporn, pull request to add to readme of


DONE Consider making a maximum contrast to avoid starkly bright text

Test maximum brightness code

DONE Make sure base03 comments has a high enough contrast

DONE Check contrast better (i.e. with some fancy algorithm)

DONE Contrast ratio between text colors shouldn't be too great (try georgia.jpg for a bad result)

DONE Make it so hawaii.jpg and georgia.jpg look good (don't let background get too colorful?)

blade2.jpg makes it seem like I need some background brightness clamping system

DONE Fix blade1.jpg backgrounds getting clamped too hard

DONE Fix DadSuper8Title not having some things show up (it was a duplicate color in the palette)

DONE Take template to use as a command line argument