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  Macoy Madson 081ca564c1
Merge pull request #3 from Misterio77/master 9 months ago
  Gabriel Fontes 224aa7c1d7 Changed template author 9 months ago
  Gabriel Fontes cd9935faa6 Changed template author 9 months ago
  Gabriel Fontes c95b75ddc7 Ok now i did cleanup 9 months ago
  Gabriel Fontes a211c1c776 Cleaned up directory 9 months ago
  Gabriel Fontes 8cdff43755
Remove file i created by accident 9 months ago
  Gabriel Fontes 77c901dc61 Remove # from color outputs 9 months ago
  Macoy Madson 17ed783497 Made convenience function paths better, reformatted 1 year ago
  Macoy Madson 3c8fca3e71 Added convenience generation function 1 year ago
  Macoy Madson af5ad3a788
Merge pull request #1 from Fodark/master 2 years ago
  Nicola Dall'Asen ed0e8607b5 add terminator template file 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 8b96fb1dc6 Fixed ReadMe formatting 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 352cafc1d7 Added command-line arguments 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson c70cae7340 Fixed pickDarkestColorForceDarkThreshold picking two of the same colors 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 4579570feb Added brightness clamping system for when the color palette is too bright 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 6659018cec Greatly improved contrast detection and color selection 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson ebce87a340 Fixed image links 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson fc2aa05bb0 Added example images, added base16.el output format 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 44ce462178 Heuristic changes, added example image 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 79d6e80eb6 Colors are now being picked from the pool reasonably 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson 6f463a4cf3 Added readme, updated gitignore, added skeleton script 2 years ago
  Macoy Madson ee8f84c987
Initial commit 2 years ago