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Colors are now being picked from the pool reasonably

* Darker colors (base00 - base07) are selected deterministically in
  ascending order of brightness
* Lighter colors (base08 and above) are selected based on whether they
  have a high enough brightness (for readability), then randomly (for variety)
Macoy Madson 4 years ago
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@ -1,27 +1,138 @@
# by Macoy Madson
# MIT License
import random
Base16 Style (from
base00 - Default Background
base01 - Lighter Background (Used for status bars)
base02 - Selection Background
base03 - Comments, Invisibles, Line Highlighting
base04 - Dark Foreground (Used for status bars)
base05 - Default Foreground, Caret, Delimiters, Operators
base06 - Light Foreground (Not often used)
base07 - Light Background (Not often used)
base08 - Variables, XML Tags, Markup Link Text, Markup Lists, Diff Deleted
base09 - Integers, Boolean, Constants, XML Attributes, Markup Link Url
base0A - Classes, Markup Bold, Search Text Background
base0B - Strings, Inherited Class, Markup Code, Diff Inserted
base0C - Support, Regular Expressions, Escape Characters, Markup Quotes
base0D - Functions, Methods, Attribute IDs, Headings
base0E - Keywords, Storage, Selector, Markup Italic, Diff Changed
base0F - Deprecated, Opening/Closing Embedded Language Tags, e.g. <?php ?>
class Base16Color:
def __init__(self, name, selectionFunction): = name
self.color = None
self.selectionFunction = selectionFunction
def rgbColorFromStringHex(colorStringHex):
# From
return tuple(int(colorStringHex.strip('#')[i:i+2], 16) for i in (0, 2 ,4))
# TODO: There's probably some fancier way to do this which will give better results (e.g. convert to HSV)
def getColorAverageBrightness(color):
rgbColor = color
if type(color) == str:
rgbColor = rgbColorFromStringHex(color)
return sum(rgbColor) / len(rgbColor)
def colorHasBeenUsed(base16Colors, color):
for base16Color in base16Colors:
if base16Color.color == color:
return True
return False
# Pick darkest, most grey color for background. If the color is already taken, pick the next unique darkest
def pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique(base16Colors, currentBase16Color, colorPool):
bestColor = None
bestColorAverage = 10000
for color in colorPool:
rgbColorAverage = getColorAverageBrightness(color)
if rgbColorAverage < bestColorAverage and not colorHasBeenUsed(base16Colors, color):
bestColor = color
bestColorAverage = rgbColorAverage
if bestColor == None:
print('WARNING: pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique could not select a color! Picking one at random')
bestColor = random.choice(colorPool)
return bestColor
# Pick high contrast foreground (high contrast = a minimum brightness difference between this and the brightest background)
def pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom(base16Colors, currentBase16Color, colorPool):
# TODO: Make this a relative contrast to the brightest background
minimumContrast = 100
viableColors = []
for color in colorPool:
if getColorAverageBrightness(color) > minimumContrast:
if not viableColors:
print('WARNING: pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom could not select a color! Picking one at random')
return randomChoice(colorPool)
return random.choice(viableColors)
def pickRandomColor(base16Colors, currentBase16Color, colorPool):
return random.choice(colorPool)
def main():
colorsFile = open('colors.txt', 'r')
colorsLines = colorsFile.readlines()
colors = ['#001b8c', '#0a126b', '#010e44', '#772e51', '#ca4733', '#381f4d', '#814174',
base16Colors = [
# These go from darkest to lightest via implicit unique ordering
Base16Color('base00', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base01', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base02', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base03', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base04', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base05', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base06', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base07', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base08', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base09', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base0A', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base0B', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base0C', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base0D', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base0E', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
Base16Color('base0F', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom)]
# For testing
colorPool = ['#001b8c', '#0a126b', '#010e44', '#772e51', '#ca4733', '#381f4d', '#814174',
'#90142e', '#720d21', '#28217d', '#6d2c88', '#3b0010', '#6e095b', '#827e7b',
'#645361', '#560041']
if colorsLines:
colors = colorsLines
for color in colors:
colorPool = colorsLines
# Process color pool
for i, color in enumerate(colorPool):
# Remove newlines
colorPool[i] = color.strip('\n')
color = colorPool[i]
# For debugging
rgbColor = rgbColorFromStringHex(color)
print('RGB =', rgbColor)
# From
rgbColor = tuple(int(color.strip('#\n')[i:i+2], 16) for i in (0, 2 ,4))
# Select a color from the color pool for each base16 color
for i, base16Color in enumerate(base16Colors):
base16Colors[i].color = base16Color.selectionFunction(base16Colors, base16Color, colorPool)
print('RGB =', rgbColor)
print('Selected {} for {}'.format(base16Colors[i].color,
# Output selected colors
# TODO: implement
if __name__ == '__main__':