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Heuristic changes, added example image

Macoy Madson 4 years ago
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@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ Base16 Style (from
base0F - Deprecated, Opening/Closing Embedded Language Tags, e.g. <?php ?>
class Base16Color:
def __init__(self, name, selectionFunction): = name
@ -57,25 +59,39 @@ def pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique(base16Colors, currentBase16Color, colorPool):
bestColor = color
bestColorAverage = rgbColorAverage
if bestColor == None:
print('WARNING: pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique could not select a color! Picking one at random')
bestColor = random.choice(colorPool)
return bestColor
# Selects the darkest color which meets the contrast requirements and which hasn't been used yet
def pickDarkestHighContrastColorUnique(base16Colors, currentBase16Color, colorPool):
minimumDarkContrast = 56
viableColors = []
for color in colorPool:
if getColorAverageBrightness(color) - getColorAverageBrightness(base16Colors[BACKGROUND_COLOR_INDEX].color) > minimumDarkContrast:
viableColors = sorted(viableColors,
key=lambda color: getColorAverageBrightness(color), reverse=True)
# We've sorted in order of brightness; pick the darkest one which is unique
bestColor = None
for color in viableColors:
if not colorHasBeenUsed(base16Colors, color):
bestColor = color
return bestColor
# Pick high contrast foreground (high contrast = a minimum brightness difference between this and the brightest background)
def pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom(base16Colors, currentBase16Color, colorPool):
# TODO: Make this a relative contrast to the brightest background
minimumContrast = 100
minimumBrightContrast = 92
viableColors = []
for color in colorPool:
if getColorAverageBrightness(color) > minimumContrast:
if getColorAverageBrightness(color) - getColorAverageBrightness(base16Colors[BACKGROUND_COLOR_INDEX].color) > minimumBrightContrast:
if not viableColors:
print('WARNING: pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom could not select a color! Picking one at random')
return randomChoice(colorPool)
return None
return random.choice(viableColors)
@ -89,21 +105,37 @@ def main():
base16Colors = [
# These go from darkest to lightest via implicit unique ordering
# base00 - Default Background
Base16Color('base00', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base01 - Lighter Background (Used for status bars)
Base16Color('base01', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base02 - Selection Background
Base16Color('base02', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
Base16Color('base03', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base03 - Comments, Invisibles, Line Highlighting
Base16Color('base03', pickDarkestHighContrastColorUnique),#pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base04 - Dark Foreground (Used for status bars)
Base16Color('base04', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base05 - Default Foreground, Caret, Delimiters, Operators
Base16Color('base05', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base06 - Light Foreground (Not often used)
Base16Color('base06', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base07 - Light Background (Not often used)
Base16Color('base07', pickDarkestGreyestColorUnique),
# base08 - Variables, XML Tags, Markup Link Text, Markup Lists, Diff Deleted
Base16Color('base08', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base09 - Integers, Boolean, Constants, XML Attributes, Markup Link Url
Base16Color('base09', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base0A - Classes, Markup Bold, Search Text Background
Base16Color('base0A', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base0B - Strings, Inherited Class, Markup Code, Diff Inserted
Base16Color('base0B', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base0C - Support, Regular Expressions, Escape Characters, Markup Quotes
Base16Color('base0C', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base0D - Functions, Methods, Attribute IDs, Headings
Base16Color('base0D', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base0E - Keywords, Storage, Selector, Markup Italic, Diff Changed
Base16Color('base0E', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom),
# base0F - Deprecated, Opening/Closing Embedded Language Tags, e.g. <?php ?>
Base16Color('base0F', pickHighContrastBrightColorRandom)]
# For testing
@ -127,7 +159,13 @@ def main():
# Select a color from the color pool for each base16 color
for i, base16Color in enumerate(base16Colors):
base16Colors[i].color = base16Color.selectionFunction(base16Colors, base16Color, colorPool)
color = base16Color.selectionFunction(base16Colors, base16Color, colorPool)
if not color:
print('WARNING: {} could not select a color! Picking one at random'.format(
color = random.choice(colorPool)
base16Colors[i].color = color
print('Selected {} for {}'.format(base16Colors[i].color,


@ -12,3 +12,6 @@ This script requires Python 3.
Run the following command, replacing "your image" with the image you want the theme's colors to be pulled from:
: schemer2 -format img::colors -in [your image] -out colors.txt && python3
Automating the execution of this so that it updates with your desktop background is left as an exercise for the reader :).
** Example results


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