Customized Typhon2

Updated 7 months ago


Updated 7 months ago

A basic Tornado setup for an authenticated login

Updated 1 year ago

An Org Mode to ESCPOS converter

Updated 9 months ago

This is a test

Updated 7 months ago

A skin and configuration settings for playing Beatmania IIDX ("bms") stuff in "beat" game mode.

Updated 2 years ago

Vehicle simulation game

Updated 1 month ago

A web-based tool for making rough sketches of songs with a primitive multitracker

Updated 2 years ago

A simple orgmode HTTP server written with Tornado

Updated 1 year ago

Server-side management of photos. Intended to replace Google Photos

Updated 1 year ago

A simple starter project for Ogre 2

Updated 2 months ago

An experiment to take live OBD2 data from a car and dynamically change sounds/music using the data

Updated 2 years ago

MIDI-based live visualization and other music tools

Updated 2 years ago

macoy / kitty-gridlock
CoffeeScript 0 0

A Rush Hour player made with Cakelisp

Updated 18 hours ago

macoy / keykey
Python 0 0

MIDI Synth Sequencer Suite

Updated 3 years ago

Horizon on Windows

Updated 6 years ago

(OLD) A game focused on procedural generation that cares less about geography and more about intelligent and fun AIs.

Updated 5 years ago

Make an E-Ink screen show daily info

Updated 1 week ago

GameLib is my library for making games

Updated 1 day ago

A Galavant front-end using Unreal Engine 4. Features a procedural smooth voxel-based world

Updated 3 years ago