The Great Gif Exchange, Week 13

Work has been really busy, so I've been burnt out on working on Galavant. Thankfully, the game at work is now live, so things are much slower.

It's very surreal to have worked on and released my first professional, actual-game-industry game. It was a console port, so we didn't build it from the ground up. Total development time was something like nine or ten months, besides the continual post-launch maintenance. I was part of a team that started out with only three programmers inclusive, which then expanded to seven programmers at peak development.

Anyways, here's my simple .Gif for week 13 (I skipped many weeks due to crunch at work).

This is demonstrating my new Entity Component System, which was designed to replace the Object Component System. It's much more flexible in terms of managing memory and requires less boilerplate. The entities in the .gif only have a single component attached to them. The component handles actor creation and movement, which at the current time just has them randomly fly around.

Published on . Written by Macoy Madson.