Deathcall Let's Plays

Gameplay videos

ROGUELove a.k.a Virtua Sinner made a half-hour Let's Play of Deathcall.

I'm quite proud that he took the time to explain, play, and review it. He found a few bugs. I previously thought that the game was essentially bug-free but this definitely rejected that (of course :) ).

There were two other video playthroughs that I should also mention:

He had more of a tough time because he didn't figure out the strategy early. The game is very hard when you don't know you should run for the caller.

On the radio

My game was also talked about on Roguelike Radio. They mention Deathcall at around 1:04:00.

They thought Deathcall was a good middle-of-the-road entry and seemed like a solid first entry. I completely agree.

People played my game!

People seem to like the color scheme, view fading, and sound effects (though they do think the sound effects were odd choices; I'm not surprised given that I threw them together quickly). Making Escape close the game while also having it exit Look mode was probably the worst thing about the game :).

It's definitely a cool feeling seeing people play and explore Deathcall. It makes me feel like a real developer. Maybe more so than being a professional in the game industry and shipping a title on Xbox/PS4. That I did with a team - I made this :D.

Published on . Written by Macoy Madson.